Can pomegranate green be eaten?How to deal with pomegranate is not sweet

When I bought pomegranate, I didn’t pay attention to buying a colorful pomegranate. So can this green pomegranate be eaten? What should I do if the pomegranate is not sweet?

Yes, but it is not recommended.

If the color of the pomegranate is green, it is generally considered that the pomegranate is not cooked. Such pomegranates do not contain toxic and harmful ingredients.The taste is sour. Therefore, although the green pomegranate is harmless, it is not recommended to eat unfamiliar pomegranates. It is best to eat mature pomegranates.


Put the unbounded pomegranate and cooked bananas and apples in the sealed carton together. The mature fruits itself can produce a large amount of ethylene substances. Ethylene can regulate the growth and mature process of plants. Pomegranate can quickly ripen with the help of ethylene.


Wrap the pomegranate in plastic wrap, try to isolate the air as much as possible, avoid the failure of bacteria and microorganisms, which causes the urging failure, and then store the pomegranate in a cool environment. Generally, it can be ripened naturally in about 2 days.

1. The color of the pomegranate’s outer skin is generally red, yellow, and green, and many pomegranates are mature from green to red. Due to the differences in variety, it is generally better to choose yellow pomegranate.

2. The rounded pomegranate is generally immature, and the shape of the appearance is better and the taste is better.

3. If the pomegranate is almost the same size, it is recommended to pick a heavy pomegranate, because it is light that the water ratio will be relatively less.

Under normal circumstances, pomegranate seven or eight will be removed. If the pomegranate you buy is not sweet, it is generally because it is not familiar. It is recommended to put the pomegranate at home for a few days, or cooked in the above method to make the pomegranate sweet.

Soft seed pomegranate in life will generally be sweeter. If you buy a very sweet pomegranate variety, then the pomegranate will not become sweet anyway. It is recommended to peel this pomegranate and remove the seeds, and then squeeze with the fruit with high sugar.Drink the juice to increase the sweetness, or season the pomegranate directly with the juice.

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