Can pregnancy be blind?High -risk pregnant women must be careful

Source: Beijing Evening News

Zeng Haoxia, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, West Hospital of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital

Patient story

Sudden blindness at 32 weeks of pregnancy

"Doctor, I suddenly can’t see it. What’s wrong with this?" Ms. Zhang, who hadn’t come to the check -up for a long time, was 32 weeks of pregnancy, suddenly blind, and was sent to the emergency room by her family to ask the emergency doctor’s hand.

Ms. Zhang is 40 years old and is a fat second -born mother. Because her first child is pregnant, she is very smooth. After this pregnancy, she feels that there is no need to do so many checks.

In the early stages of pregnancy, she found that blood glucose was a bit high. Doctors explained that they should exercise appropriately, control their diet, and monitor blood sugar.However, Ms. Zhang had no time to exercise, "I’m always hungry", "finally pregnant with a second child, to be supported" and so on.Think about the birth check -in, and the doctor said that he would not go to the check -up.

When I was pregnant for 6 months, Ms. Zhang finally came to the hospital because she wanted to do the ostellocolarly ultrasound.As a result, not only the blood sugar was high, but also the blood pressure was high. The doctor suggested in hospital treatment.She thought that she could eat and sleep, and her body was not uncomfortable, so she claimed that she returned to his hometown in Hebei.

Two weeks ago, Ms. Zhang, who was 30 weeks pregnant, began to have legs, nausea, and dizziness. She was panicked when she moved a little, but she thought that this was the reason for her age and the number of pregnancy weeks.In the past two days, Ms. Zhang had a headache and dazzling, and felt that she might be related to poor sleep. I wanted to rest and take a look.As a result, he suddenly invisible, and then he hurried to the hospital.

After examination, Ms. Zhang was due to the early stage of gestational diabetes (a type of hypertension during pregnancy), which caused the underworld retinopathy and caused blindness.At the same time, she also experienced severe proteinuria and heart failure, and even her baby was 3 weeks younger than the normal pregnancy week.The doctor believes that Ms. Zhang’s condition is already very serious. Continue to pregnancy. Not only is the adults dangerous, but the baby may also have the risk of the fetal death palace. Therefore, after basic control of Ms. Zhang’s condition, she adopted a cesarean section to terminate pregnancy.The premature baby was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit, and Ms. Zhang herself was also sent to the intensive care unit to observe. As for whether the vision can be fully returned to normal, it also depends on the follow -up treatment.

In fact, if Ms. Zhang can actively control blood sugar and blood pressure on time; or even if she is not comfortable when she is uncomfortable, it is possible to avoid blindness and premature birth.

Doctor interpretation

Why is pregnancy blind?

Pregnancy diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy are common diseases during pregnancy, and they often appear together.Pregnant women with gestational diabetes are 2 to 4 times higher than non -diabetes pregnant women.When diabetes occurs microvascular lesions, especially when the kidney disease is combined, the incidence of hypertension during pregnancy can be as high as 50%.

If these two diseases are not treated well, in severe cases, they may lead to the lesions of various organs such as heart, kidney, brain, blood vessels, and retina in pregnant women. It endanger the health and life of pregnant women and will also have a serious impact on fetal development.

Among them, diabetic retinopathy is one of the severe microvascular complications common in pregnancy diabetes. The main symptoms include blurred vision, decreased vision, disorders of color recognition, increased intraocular pressure, and pain. In severe cases, it can be blind.With the abundance of material life and the reduction of physical exercise, the incidence of gestational diabetes has a rise in the incidence of diabetes, and the incidence of diabetic retinopathy is also increasing.

Hypertension during pregnancy may also lead to the interruption of small arterial blood flow, causing hypoxia and ischemia of retinal tissue, leading to edema, bleeding, exudation, reflective enhancement, thinning the arteries, and exudate retinal disconnection of the retina.Essence

Who is high risk?

High -risk pregnant women with gestational diabetes include: old age, especially pregnant women over 35 years old; body shape is fat, BMI (weight index) ≥24kg/m2; diabetes and high blood sugar before pregnancy or early pregnancy; there is a family history of diabetes;Ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism pregnant women; past pregnancy has a history of gestational diabetes or pregnant women who have giving birth to huge children; pregnant women in the history of adverse pregnancy (repeated natural miscarriage, death in the fetus, fetal malformations, etc.)

High -risk groups of hypertension during pregnancy include: the age of pregnant women ≥ 40 years, history of preliminary eclampsia, hypertension, chronic nephritis, diabetes, and genetic thrombosis tendencies, BMI ≥ 35kg/m2 during the initial birth testThe secondary pregnancy is multiple pregnancy, the first pregnancy, the interval of pregnancy ≥ 10 years, and the systolic blood pressure during early pregnancy ≥130 mmHg or diastolic pressure ≥80 mmHg.

Ms. Zhang is 40 years old and has a fat body. High blood glucose in early pregnancy is a high -risk group of gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy. There is no regular check -up and treatment. It is an important cause of Ms. Zhang’s blindness and premature birth.

What to do if high risk?

So, how to avoid adverse effects on gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy?

First of all, women with pregnant women should conduct pre -pregnancy examinations, especially women who have a history of adverse pregnancy in the past.If you find high blood sugar and hypertension before pregnancy, you should actively control the disease, and you can get pregnant if the doctor believes that the condition permits.Fat women should consider controlling weight before pregnancy.

Secondly, regular check -up, discomfort.Regular hospitals have provided archives and management of pregnant women, and the number of delivery and inspection content is standardized.Timing production checks can be found in time, and corresponding treatment measures can be taken in time to reduce disease harm.Don’t feel that the birth check -in because of the previous birth checkup.Dominations such as headache, dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, edema, dazzling, etc. during pregnancy, they should consider timely consultation, especially when the symptoms gradually worsen.

Third, not lucky, to be treated.If an exception occurs, you must listen to the doctors’ suggestions for monitoring, control and treatment.Some pregnant women refuse to acknowledge that there are problems, refuse to receive treatment, and even worry that treatment will cause drug dependence and affect the baby’s development.You know, the impact of gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy mainly depends on the level of blood sugar and blood pressure on pregnant women and babies. It is not dangerous to control it. If it is not well controlled, the disease will have a serious impact on pregnant women and babies.

Fourth, self -management is important.For diabetes and hypertension, most patients with mild condition are under the guidance of doctors and can control the condition by adjusting diet, exercise, rest, drug treatment, etc. under the guidance of doctors.Sometimes self -monitoring and management are even more important than drugs. If you want to eat more chicken legs and cakes today, you want to go to the drama tomorrow night and sleep hard for a day. The doctor who can do it will not know how to control your blood pressure and blood sugar.

Fifth, regulate emotions and relax.We must pay attention to the disease, but we must not be troubled as soon as we discover the disease.Regardless of whether it is gestational diabetes or hypertension during pregnancy, regular checkups are performed on time, and early treatment is found early, most of them can be controlled.Excessive anxiety may further increase endocrine metabolism abnormalities, leading to blood sugar disorders and increased blood pressure.It is a good way to face the disease, regulate emotions, and actively respond.

Finally, it is emphasized again that expectant mothers must be checked on time, active treatment, self -control, and relaxing, and do not taboo doctors because of taboos.

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