Can pregnancy improve immunity?Many people do not know these "cold" knowledge during pregnancy

Pregnancy may be once or twice in a lifetime for women.In this special period, due to the changes in the body, accompanied by tension, anxiety, and anxiety, women need to seek more help.

Some knowledge will not tell you deliberately. You can learn through various channels. The following cold knowledge, pregnant mothers can see it, know more about it, there are so many things you don’t know about pregnancy.

The fetus can cry in the stomach

Many pregnant mothers think that the fetus is mainly sleeping in her own belly, while sleeping while absorbing nutrition. In fact, the fetus still has a lot of small movements in the mother’s belly. The fetus sometimes crys.Can’t hear.

Sometimes when the fetus is uncomfortable, it will cry, the pregnant mother is basically not heard, and the fetus is crying very little.Many fetuses are more comfortable in their mother’s belly, and they will develop well!

Pregnancy can improve immunity

Many pregnant mothers will complain that pregnancy is too hard. During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, some pregnant mothers have a lot of symptoms. There will be a large pregnancy reaction, such as pregnancy, frequent urination, edema, etc., which are tortured.

But after they have children, the immunity will have a big leap, and pregnancy can increase women’s immunity for 10 years.Some studies have found that the probability of gynecological diseases will be greatly reduced.

The prospective dad will also have a pregnancy reaction

The strange phenomenon of his wife’s pregnancy and her husband was also "pregnancy", and for this reason, the medical community specially called a new term to call it "pregnancy companion syndrome".Some medicalists believe that this phenomenon is mainly caused by psychological factors.

Pregnant syndrome is a neurosis or physical and mental illness caused by psychological factors.With the rise of prenatal education, Dad established a deep relationship with the baby as early as the child’s fetus. Dad cares about the growth and development of the fetus like a mother.

In the process of breeding fetuses, dad plays an important role.The prospective dad is also a person, and he will also have a strong emotional emotion such as joy, anxiety, confusion, anxiety and other strong emotions because he is about to become his father. Do n’t worry too much about it. This is a normal response.

The fetus "drink" urine in the stomach

The fetus stayed in the mother’s belly for almost 10 months. His eating and drinking Lasa was done in his mother’s belly, and he continued to circulate.

In addition to constantly absorbing the mother’s nutrition, their excrement will also circulate in amniotic fluid. The excreta has the fetus’s own urine., But the fetal urine is very clean, there are no bacteria, and there is no problem with drinking.

Pregnant women often drool after pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers have always flowed a lot of saliva since they are pregnant, and often want to spit out water.After pregnancy, the hormone in their bodies increases, and the discharge water will be affected. This is also a normal phenomenon. Do not nervous.

The prospective dads should also look at it normally, to accompany the pregnant mother, so that the pregnant mothers have a good mood every day, so that the babies in the stomach will also be healthy and happy.

The baby’s favorite toy is the umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is a baby’s favorite toy. After all, there seems to be nothing else to play except the umbilical cord.

Sometimes walking around and walking in, this is often the umbilical cord around the neck.However, mothers don’t have to worry, in most cases, the baby will go out by themselves.

The smell of the pregnant mother changes

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother became "picky eaters". The food that I like to eat before now wants to vomit, but the food that I didn’t like before, but I couldn’t help but want to eat.The sense of smell is the same, and you can often smell some different tastes.

In fact, a large amount of estrogen and progesterone secrete the body during pregnancy, and the sense of smell and taste is the two important items. Such changes also have the effect of protecting the baby and the pregnant mother themselves, making the pregnant mother harmful to those who are harmful to those who are harmful to those who are harmful to those who are harmful to those.The material is very sensitive. "Remind" the mother spit out the "waste" and provide herself a safer environment."Pregnancy vomiting" occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, and at this time it is also the formation of the internal organs of the fetus.

Why not extraction during pregnancy?

Tooth extraction is not a big deal for ordinary people (except for severe cardiovascular diseases and blood diseases), and should pay special attention to pregnant women.Due to the mental tension and pain of pregnant women, it is easy to induce uterine contraction, which may cause abortion and premature birth.

According to clinical data, tooth extraction can induce abortion within the first three months of pregnancy. After 8 months of pregnancy, tooth extraction can induce premature birth, and tooth extraction will be relatively safe at 4-7 months of pregnancy.In addition, due to the influence of estrogen, pregnant women are susceptible to excessive bleeding during tooth extraction. Therefore, in addition to tooth extraction during pregnancy, try to avoid extraction.

In short, there are many disadvantages of tooth extraction during pregnancy. If you have to extraction, you should also be carried out in the middle of pregnancy (4-7 months).Before extraction, you should rest, sleep, do oral care, and relax.Because it is fully anesthetized during teeth, the uterus should be avoided to cause uterine contraction and induce abortion and premature birth.If pregnant women have habitual abortion and habit of premature birth, tooth extraction should be prohibited.

The fingerprint of the baby during the fetal period has grown up

Many people should not know when their fingerprints grow.Some people on the Internet said that it should be gradually revealed after birth; others said that after the mother was pregnant, she began to slowly long fingerprints … There are different states about fingerprints. In fact, when the pregnant mother was pregnant, the baby’sThe fingerprint has grown.

From preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, confinement, and even to parenting stage, there are a lot of knowledge points, and there are many places to pay attention. I hope more pregnant mothers will keep learning and enrich their experiences.Set up for reference only, like to like it ~

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