Can pregnant mothers feel itching, can I use a lotion?

There are often pregnant mothers that after they find that they are pregnant, they suddenly have more hidden hidden words. There are many secretions, vulva and panties every day, and itching will appear from time to time.I often encounter pregnant mothers who come to the doctor because of worrying about the increase in secretions. It can be said that the increased secretion during pregnancy is increased, which is a very common situation during pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers find itching of the vulva and increase the secretions. After the online Baidu feels that there is no problem, they buy a lotion or nursing solution every day, but there is no effect.It ’s just after the regular medication. It was really regretful that I had suffered for so long.Some pregnant mothers are very worried about the increase in secretions. They came to the hospital for treatment. After the examination, they found that it was normal.

Normal increased vaginal secretions will definitely not affect the baby, but if it is an abnormal vaginal secretion, it needs to be treated in time.Especially in the late pregnancy, if vaginitis is severe, bacteria may be infected along the vagina, causing choric membrane shellacinitis, premature fetal membrane, and premature birth.It has a certain impact on the health of mothers and babies.

After pregnancy, the secretion of various hormones in the body of the pregnant mother increases, especially the estrogen. Therefore, the vaginal mucosa will become soft, mild congestion and edema, the uterus and pelvic cavity will be abundant after pregnancy, and the secretion of cervical glandular secretion will increase.At this time, the vaginal epithelial cells increased, and the content of lactic acid increased, which reduced the pH value of the vagina and increased vaginal secretions.Therefore, pregnant mothers will find that the underwear that is originally clean is always tide every day, and even wet panties.

Under normal circumstances, transparent and clear, pale yellow, egg white -like or white paste secretions, without odor, occasional vulvar itching and discomfort, not continuous existence, most of them are normal physiological changes, without nervousness.Some pregnant mothers will have this during pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers will be more obvious in three months before or after pregnancy.

When it is close to the due date, the cervix begins to prepare for childbirth, thinner, and slowly expand. At this time, there will be a sticky discharge that is similar to egg white or cold.The body is preparing for the next childbirth.

When vaginal discharge increases, accompanied by persistent vulvar itching, or other symptoms, such as vulva or internal vaginal burning sensation or tingling, vulva red swelling, vaginal secretion color and shape abnormalWhen you go to the hospital for treatment, check whether there is a problem first, and it is not recommended to use the washing solution or drug first to avoid aggravating the symptoms.If there is really vaginitis, doctors will do vaginal discharge examination and choose appropriate drugs for treatment according to the test results.

If there is no abnormal problem after the inspection, we usually wear loose and breathable pants. After the underwear is wet, replace it in time, and try to keep the vulva dry without sanitary pads.

When it feels itching of the vulva, you can take a bath with warm water, soak all the vulva in warm water, take a bath in the morning and evening for 5 minutes or rinse the vulva with warm water directly during bathing, and then use a soft and clean towel to absorb the moisture.Relieve itching.Do not use soap, bath liquid or washing liquid, nursing solution to avoid stimulation of the skin.

In addition, be careful not to clean the vulva multiple times a day, otherwise the skin barrier function is destroyed.The skin on the face and body is dry. Everyone knows that it should be moisturized, and the emulsion or moisturizing cream is actually the same. In fact, the vulva skin is the same. Washing it many times a day, "lack of water and oil", it will also itch it because of dryness.If the vulva is dry, warm water is cleaned or taking a bath, apply Vaselin cream in the dry place to help the skin lock water and relieve the itching of the vulva.

Most of the normal vaginal secretions are tasteless and slightly faint.After a long time on the underwear, or the temperature is high, it may have a little sour taste, but this smell is very mild, and the nose is close to smell.If the secretions have obvious fishy smell, smell of eggs, or stench, color, characteristics change, or symptoms of persistent discomfort in the vulva, such as the following situations, explain that there are problems, go to the hospital for examination and treatment: secretion: secretion: secretion: secretion:Unusual color, yellow -green, purulent, dark yellow, tofu -like, white block, pus, foam -like; vulva or vaginal itching, pain, and even symptoms of redness or frequent urination and urine and pain;Biological, pain or bleeding, peeling, rough skin, whiteness; pain when husband and wife live;

These situations need to be paid attention to, and they must go to the hospital for examination. It is really treated immediately when there are abnormalities.There are also many drugs that can be used during pregnancy. It is safe for the baby. Don’t hold it hard.Some pregnant mothers are very serious. When they come to the doctor, the entire vulva is all swollen and miserable.

In addition, before 37 weeks of pregnancy, if bloody or brown, black, and brown secretions occur, this is a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which may indicate premature birth and must go to the hospital in time.

In the late pregnancy, if the vaginal secretions flowing out are thin and clear, sometimes it is difficult to judge whether the vaginal mucus or amniotic fluid exudate, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time.

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When pregnant mothers usually choose warm water to clean the vulva, that is, the skin areas around the vagina, there is no prescription for doctors. Do not use the vaginal rinse of the vagina without permission, and do not use solution or vulva care products at will.When there is no symptoms of discomfort, clean it once every night before going to bed to avoid frequent cleaning and cause excessive cleaning.Reduce the use of fragrance -rich bathing products during bathing, avoid using bubble baths, sweat -proof, removing agent, female vulva disinfection spray, soap with deodorant, avoid local stimulation.

Keep the vulva dry and breathable, wear cotton loose underwear, avoid wearing leggings, nylon socks, and underwear at least once a day. If there are more secretions, the underwear is humid, it can be replaced multiple times a day;It is necessary to clean it in time, dry it, and then wear it, it is best to dry it in the sun.What should I do if there is no sun?Drying, household ultraviolet disinfection … These measures can be selected by yourself. Do not let the underwear dry in the bathroom.

When wiping after going to the toilet, remember not to use baby wet towels or toilet paper with fragrance to wipe the vulva, because this paper towel has chemicals and fragrance agents, which is a stimulus to the vulva skin.Choose colorless and odorless clean toilet paper. When wiping, you should avoid the bacteria near the anus polluted the vagina.

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