Can pregnant mothers play mobile phones?These 4 ways to play mobile phones may cause fetal delay

A survey in 2019 shows that more than 70 % of young people use their mobile phones for more than 6.5 hours a day.

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Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of contemporary people. It not only includes people’s social and entertainment, but also contracted payment and travel. It can be said that people have "inseparable" mobile phones.

But there are many disadvantages of mobile phones. Many pregnant mothers are worried that mobile phones will harm fetal treasures. So can I play mobile phones after pregnancy?

After smiling, she has been raising a fetus at home. She is alone at home every day. Boring smiles start to obsessed with short videos. She pays attention to a lot of "funny" video bloggers.

Every time I brush it for several hours, even when I sleep at night, I can’t help but swipe a few videos before going to bed.

At first, the husband still died and slept, but when he saw his wife happy, he felt that it was good to keep a good mood during pregnancy, so he would not stop it.

One night, I smiled at a funny video again, and the pregnant mother who suddenly laughed back and back felt that it was wrong. The stomach was in pain. The anxious husband quickly sent the smile to the hospital.

After being diagnosed by the doctor, the fetus was hypoxic due to the laugch. The doctor said with a smile: "The mood of maintaining a pleasant mood during pregnancy is right, but there is no such great emotional fluctuation.The uterine smooth muscle contraction.

Causes hypoxia and may even cause premature and miscarriage.And it ’s more than 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. How can you still play your mobile phone? Pregnant women need normal schedules."

After listening to the doctor’s words, I was so scared that I didn’t dare to look at my phone.

1. Stay up late to play mobile phones

Many young people like to stay up late to play mobile phones. Even if they are pregnant, they can’t change the habit of "staying up late to play mobile phones".But in fact, this behavior is deeply hurting the fetus.

According to research, when a person’s sleep time is less than 4 hours, the metabolic system in their bodies will cause obstacles, resulting in endocrine disorders or luteal function abnormalities.

For pregnant mothers, once it causes endocrine disorders after staying up late, it may directly affect the child’s development.Especially in the early pregnancy, the fetus can stay on the uterine wall and develop normally by relying on progesterone.

Once hormone disorders will directly affect the development of the fetus and even abortion.

In addition, when pregnant mothers are used to staying up late, the fetal schedule will be upside down. This situation will continue until they are born, and the baby may really become a cry.

2. It will be for several hours as soon as you play

Although some pregnant mothers can ensure that they do n’t play mobile phones at night, they do n’t let go every time I picked up the phone during the day. After playing for a few hours, this behavior is really harmful.

When pregnant mothers play mobile phones, they usually sit, or lie down.Regardless of the harm to vision caused by playing mobile phones for a long time, it is very serious to sit on the spine for a long time.

Not only that, when the pregnant mother maintains a movement for a long time, it is easy to cause hypoxia and affect the normal development of the fetus.

When pregnant mothers are playing with mobile phones, they must get up every other time, and pay attention not to oppress the stomach when playing mobile phones.

Third, see the emotional ups and downs information or videos

Women usually like to brush some interesting news or chase some dramas.The information and videos on the Internet will undoubtedly affect the mood of pregnant women.

Once the mothers of pregnant mothers are too large, they will directly affect the secretion of hormones in the pregnant mother. The fetal treasure can also feel the mood of the pregnant mother through the change of hormones, which will increase the frequency of the child’s fetal movement.

If the fetal movement is too frequent, it will increase the risk of umbilical cord around the neck, fetal position change, and fetal hypoxia.So during pregnancy, pregnant mothers still try to maintain a stable emotion.

Fourth, play the phone while charging

The last one is also a common habit in our lives, charging while playing with mobile phones.Many people say that when charging, the radiation of the mobile phone is greater, but according to expert experiments, the mobile phone charging and the usual ratio of radiation have not changed.

But charging the phone while playing with mobile phones, but there is a risk of mobile phone leakage and explosion.Especially in high temperature environments, damage to internal components of mobile phones will be increased, which is more likely to danger.

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