Can pregnant people use cosmetics?

1 Can pregnant people use cosmetics?


During pregnancy, the child absorbs nutrition through the umbilical cord. The mother’s arterial blood vessels are squeezed, the blood is squeezed to the umbilical cord, and the baby is absorbed.

The skin’s skin is divided into three layers, the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue, the arterial blood vessels are tissue under the subcutaneous tissue. The dermis layer only has very fine capillaries. The skin care products are mainly infiltrated in the epidermal layer. It has no direct connection with the arterial blood vessels.Therefore, cosmetics will not reach the umbilical cord through the arterial blood vessels at all, and are absorbed by the baby.

So it is safe to use cosmetics during pregnancy!

2. Why don’t some people pay attention to skin care?

Some people do not pay attention to skin care, but are more willing to spend money on buying clothes and make hair. I guess there are about three reasons:

(1) One word, lazy!Skin maintenance requires multi -layer care. Some people do not even make a mask once in several months, but the skin problems formed in the long run are difficult to repair.

(2) Skin improvement is usually relatively slow, the skin is 28 days and one cycle, and buying clothes and hair can see the effect immediately;

(3) There are fewer nerves on the face, and you feel less, and your pain will be less. If you do n’t often look in the mirror, you will not pay attention;

But most people look at the face first, and the face is a pass. It is like no matter how well your family decorates and how good the child has cultivated. The first thing you pay attention to is your face. Do you agree?

3.Why is cosmetics distinguished?

General facial cleanser can also be washed, but like washing clothes, soap can also be washed, but the clothes washed with soap are dry and hard, and the clothes washed with good laundry solution was clean, fluffy and soft, and color.Bright.

In the same way, the facial cleanser is also different. The skin of good facial cleanser is not only clean, but it will not destroy the sebum film.The sebum film is weakly acidic pH = 4.6 ~ 5.2, which has a protective effect on the skin to prevent bacterial dust from infringement. The sebum film cannot be destroyed when washing the face. It is easy to be sensitive and prone to aging.

All skin care products are the truth.

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