Can pregnant women and children dye hair and apply nails?These hazard doctors tell you

Recently many friends asked the editor:

"I want to get a head home for the New Year, because my parents always say that hair dyeing is carcinogenic."

"Many friends around me do nails. I heard that coating nail polish will cause cancer …"

"Is plant hair dye safe? Can pregnant women use it?"


Now that everyone has asked sincerely, this time we will take good care, what are the hazards of dyeing hair and nails?Is it not carcinogenic?Pay attention to what……

1. Can hair dye really cause cancer?How to reduce the harm of hot dyeing?

1. Is hair dyeing really carcinogenic?

Friends who want to dye their hair beautiful New Year, don’t worry too much.At present, there is no clear research results prove that hair dyeing can cause cancer.The US National Defense Cancer Association (ACS) has said that there is no reliable evidence that cancer is related to hair dyeing; the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) has also evaluated the relationship between hair dyeing and cancer, and believes that the lack of evidence indicates that the use of hair dye can cause cancer.

But … Although there is no evidence to prove that hair dye is carcinogenic, hair dye still has the following risks: cause skin allergies; damage to hair; aggravate the burden on liver and kidney.Repeated hair dyeing and chemical toxins in hair dye may enter the body through the scalp, which will affect liver and kidney.

2. Is plant hair dye safe?Can pregnant women use it?

Botanical hair dye is not necessarily "pure natural", and most of them are still a gimmick.In order to bleach the hair color and keep the hair color lasting, many so -called "plant dyeing agents" still add a compound.

For pregnant mothers, hair dyeing is not clearly prohibited, but it is best not to dye hair.I really want to dye, and it is best to wait until 3 months pregnant.In addition to pregnant mothers, these people below are not recommended for hair dyeing: breastfeeding female compatriots; cute children; friends who have allergic reactions to hair dye; friends who are old and weak;Friends with liver and kidney dysfunction; friends with severe hair loss; friends with inflammation, damage or skin diseases on the head, neck, and face.

3. 8 moves to reduce hot dyeing hazards

What do you really want to dye?Then take out the small book and remember these 8 points: Before each hair dyeing, it is best to do skin testing at the wrist or ear to see if it will be allergic; choose a regular hair dye product that meets national standards;The scalp and other skin contact; don’t be dyed too frequently. It is best to dye your hair for more than 2 to 3 times a year; after dyeing your hair, you should pay attention to completely wash your hair and scalp;If you have an allergic reaction after your hair, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible; don’t try to dye the eyebrows or eyelashes, no zuo no die.

2. Is there any harm of nail oil?Can you apply it?

1. What are the hazards of regular nails?

Like hair dyeing products, the state has clearly stipulated raw materials, sanitary indicators, disabled, and restricted substances for nail polish.Usually, as long as you use formal qualified nail polish products occasionally, the problem will not be too big.

If you often nail art, there is still a certain health risk.Because the chemicals in nail polish and nail unloading water still have hidden health hazards.Long -term nail polish may cause: nails are damaged.The nail surface becomes crispy, yellow, and loses luster; it may cause nortoma and methylitis; it may cause allergies and poisoning.

Therefore, it is recommended to use it intermittently and do not apply it for a long time.

2. Reduce the harm of nail oil in 8 moves

Xiao Benben continues to take it out and remember: It is best to use the products of well -known manufacturers; emphasize again, do not apply it for a long time, continue to use it, and avoid using the nail polish directly to the skin; when the fingers have wounds, it is best not to apply it.; Apply nail polish in a relatively ventilated place; do not bite nails after applying nail polish; wait a little farther when nail polish dry, do not blow it with your mouth; choose a regular nail shop.Essence

3. Can pregnant women and children apply it?

Try not to use it.Including people are in a state of allergies, physical weakness, illness, and lactation, it is not recommended.

So, friends now know whether to dye perm and make nails for the New Year?

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