Can pregnant women be vaccinated during the period of pregnant women?Pregnant women need to understand!

Many families now have pets.If you are accidentally caught and scratched by pets during pregnancy, can you inoculate rabies vaccine? If you tied to a nail, can you break the wound vaccine? And so on.Many expectant mothers have these questions.

Vaccination can be roughly divided into two types: "active vaccine" and "non -lively vaccine".

For pregnant women, those who are lively can be beaten, and those who reduce or live vaccines cannot be hit.

Activated vaccine means that microorganisms in the vaccine have been killed through chemical or physical methods. The components of these microorganisms alone are enough for the human body to develop immunity.For example, tetanus vaccine can be used during pregnancy.

To reduce poisoning or reduce the vaccine, it refers to a microorganism that weakens the pathogenic force. They must be alive to allow the human body to produce immunity.For example, measles vaccines, rubella vaccines, etc. belong to this vaccine and are disabled during pregnancy.

What are the vaccines for vaccination during pregnancy?

Memors vaccine, rubella vaccine, epidemic mumps vaccine, chickenpox vaccine, and kaley seedlings are all vaccines for reducing virus virus, taboo during pregnancy

The HPV vaccine does not have obvious evidence that the vaccination of pregnant women is harmful to the fetus, but because the research data is insufficient, vaccination is not recommended during pregnancy.

Can these vaccines be vaccinated during pregnancy?

1. Hepatitis B vaccine is a restructuring vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine is an activated virus vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine is an excitable bacterial vaccine.These vaccines, exposed to high -risk pregnant women can prevent sexual vaccination:

2. These vaccine pregnant women can be vaccinated, but it is not recommended under normal circumstances:

The meningitis dual -bacterial vaccine is an active bacterial vaccine, and it is recommended to vaccinate during pregnancy;

Typhoid typhoid vaccines are analogly bacterial vaccines. Unless they are closely exposed or exposed to popular areas, they are not routinely recommended to vaccinate during pregnancy.

3. These vaccines can be vaccinated when suffering from emergencies during pregnancy:

Rabies vaccine is an activated virus vaccine, which is used to be used by dogs or other animals to be bitten and injured. It can be vaccinated during pregnancy;

Tied tetanus toxins are used for prevention after wounds are polluted and can be vaccinated during pregnancy.

4. There is also a type of biological agent. Although it cannot be called vaccine, it is also used for disease prevention:

Rabies immunoglobulin is a specific immunoglobulin, which is used for exposure prevention. It can be vaccinated during pregnancy and used with rabies vaccine;

Tortorite immunoglobulin is a specific immunoglobulin, which is used for exposure prevention. It can be vaccinated during pregnancy and used in conjunction with tetanus toxins;

Chickenburo immunoglobulin is a specific immunoglobulin. It can be considered to give a healthy pregnant woman exposed to chickenpox to protect the mother instead of the fetal congenital infection.

Breastfeeding women can vaccinate any vaccine.Breastfeeding does not affect the vaccine, and the vaccine does not affect breast milk.

If the vaccination for women during pregnancy is a vaccine during pregnancy, it is recommended to get pregnant one month after the vaccine is injected.

In the end, there is no evidence that any vaccination during pregnancy will cause fetal health damage. Even if the contraindicated live virus vaccine is vaccinated, the impact on the fetus is also unknown. Therefore, it is not recommended to easily terminate pregnancy because of the vaccination.

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