Can pregnant women cut their hair and "cut off their blessings"?Listen to what the doctor says

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Pregnancy and having a child are a very hard thing. Women have some changes in all aspects of their bodies after pregnancy, and their dietary diet will be restricted.Taboos during pregnancy are something that everyone is acceptable, but in some places, the customs that cannot cut their hair after pregnancy have become a nightmare for pregnant women.

Xiaomei’s hometown has a saying that she cannot cut her hair during pregnancy. After pregnancy, her mother -in -law told her not to make a haircut, because she would move her fetal gas and hurt her baby in her belly.And the behavior of cutting hair will "cut off" the child’s blessing.This statement sounds very ridiculous. Xiaomei also advised her mother -in -law not to trust superstition, but her mother -in -law was convinced of this statement and never let her cut her hair.The stomach is getting bigger and bigger in the second trimester, and her long hair is really inconvenient. Xiaomei decided to cut her hair short, but she was blocked by her mother -in -law.

After giving birth to a baby, the trouble of long hair has tortured Xiaomei.The postpartum constitution was weak, and the sweat was hit again and again, and the hair was often wet, but the shampooing of the confinement was restricted, and it was uncomfortable with a dirty hair.And it is inconvenient to take care of your baby’s hair.As for pre -delivery, Xiaomei said that the intestines regretted the intestines.So before the confinement, she couldn’t wait to cut her short hair.

The statement about cutting hair during pregnancy is really superstition and has no scientific basis.In fact, there are many benefits to cutting short hair during pregnancy. Listen to what the doctor says.

Everyone knows that the expectant mother’s body after pregnancy will become more and more bulky, and the hair is too cumbersome to wash.Frequent use of a hair dryer during pregnancy may be unfavorable to the baby, but it is easy to cold without blowing hair, so it is not a good thing for the baby and mother.

In the past, people’s living conditions were poor. There were no warm equipment at home, so they were not allowed to wash their hair.Now, the level of living is improved, and it is convenient to burn water. It can be dried in time after washing, so the maternal confinement can be washed properly.However, there are many matters that need to be paid attention to when shampooing.The hair is too long, and the confinement shampoo will not only increase the burden of the mother’s shampoo, but also affect the mood due to sweating.Therefore, cutting hair before giving birth is very helpful for confinement. Moms should not be reluctant.

Although some mothers prefer long hair, they have to admit that long hair care does take a certain amount of energy.After the baby is born, the time and energy of Baoma will inevitably be affected, and the short hair is more convenient to take care of it.And the baby is active. When they have a certain ability to move, they will catch what they see.Bao Ma, who has long hair to take care of the baby, is often caught by them, and the painful taste can be imagined.The baby’s little hands are more delicate. If you accidentally wrap your hair, it will easily cause damage.Therefore, when the baby is too young, the mothers should not rush to love beauty first, wait for the baby to be more sensible before leaving hair.

I ca n’t cut my hair during pregnancy. I ’m just talking about the experience of the older generation. The expectant mothers do n’t have to take it to the heart.If the elderly in the family do not agree with cutting their hair, they should be patient with them, and if necessary, they can "move out" the doctor, so that the elderly will slowly accept the concept of confinement.

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