Can pregnant women use skin care products?If you contain these ingredients, you must be careful

There are many matters to pay attention to during pregnancy and breastfeeding, such as diet and living environment, but few people notice the problem of skin care products.Although many skin care products can be used safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding, some skin care products need to be avoided.

1. Evisor

The first component that pregnant women need to remove from skin care products are retinol and their derivatives.Retosol and its derivatives, such as visual cottonic acid and palm acid vision, contain prescription vitamin A, such as vitamin acid.Although retinol is famous for anti -aging, whitening and anti -acne, excessive contact vitamin A may cause risks to infants.Fortunately, there are many security alternatives that can provide the same effect, such as peptides, which not only have the ability to stimulate collagen, but also has the ability to mild and repair.Vitamin C is another alternative to the anti -aging and skin increase of retinol. Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and reduce melasma.

2, phenylbenol

Pepphenols can reduce dark spots. However, phenylphenol may enter the body and may have a negative impact on the developed fetus.Vitamin C and nicotinamide can also fight dark spots, but it is safer and can use products containing these ingredients.

3. Elenehanine

Elephantylamine can cause cancer and cause congenital defects of babies.Elephanthalamine is mainly used as an emulsifier, producing foam and air bubbles in the product, and can also be used to regulate the pH value of the product.Please check the labels of related products and replace it with a gentle product.

4, salicylic acid

Salmonic acid can be absorbed into the blood, which is not safe for the growing fetus.Salicylic acid can be replaced with sulfur -containing products. This ingredient can gently loose pores and remove pores. Another safe alternative is witch magpie.

5. Peroxide ninthinyl

Peroxidinel is reduced to acne bacteria. Like salicylic acid, peroxybenzohyls can be absorbed into the blood, so they should also be avoided during pregnancy.Fortunately, tea tree oil can remove bacteria on the skin, and it is completely safe to use it during pregnancy.

Of course, in addition to these ingredients, there are some other ingredients for pregnant women.If you are not sure, you can discuss whether skin care products are suitable for you.

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