Can salt reduction food open?Experts remind that be careful of "reducing salt without sodium"!

Salt reduction is the new fashion of healthy life in recent years

Many people think that salt reduction food is low sodium food

With little salt content, you can eat it open

So, is this knowledge science?

Ruan Guangfeng, director of the Science and Technology Communication Department and deputy research librarian of the Science and Technology Communication Center of Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, said in an interview with the reporter of the China Consumer Daily that the main component of ordinary salt is sodium chloride, and the sodium content of salt reduction may not necessarily be low.On the contrary, many salt reduction foods are actually high -sodium foods.

Ruan Guangfeng analyzed that in China, my country has not yet had a uniform standard for sodium reduction of salt reduction foods. According to the provisions of my country’s "Pre -packaged food Nutrition Tags", foods that claim to be reduced in sodium (salt) are compared to reference foods. The former sodium sodium sodium is compared to food. The content must be reduced by more than 25%.In other words, the relative percentage reduction is reduced, not to a certain value.If the sodium content of benchmarking food is too high, even if the sodium content of more than 25%is reduced, the sodium content of salted food may still be high.For example, although salt soy sauce, although the content of ordinary soy sauce sold in the market is reduced by 25%, the soy sauce itself is a relatively high -content seasoning seasoning.At the same time, according to the requirements of the "Pre -packaged Food Nutrition Tags", the sodium content per 100 grams of food is less than equal to 120 mg. It can be called low -sodium food.Therefore, salt reduction food is not necessarily low -sodium food.

From the perspective of actual consumption, there are some nutritional labels on the market on the market, and the sodium content per 100 grams of food is even more than 2000 mg.Very close.

In addition, many consumers pay attention to the taste. Some salt reduced salt reduction is average, but the taste may be relatively light. This may cause people to put more salt reduction condiments when cooking, so that consumers inadvertentlyTake more salt.

Ruan Guangfeng believes that salt reduction must not only control the intake of "visible salt" such as salt, chicken essence, and monosodium glutamate, but also pay attention to reducing "invisible salt", such as soy sauce, sauce, pickles and other high -salt foods.Salt.In addition, due to the limitation of the production process, the sodium content is often high. Even if it is not salty, it is not advisable to eat more.1/3.

Therefore, scientific salt reduction needs to start from the source and try to buy low -sodium food.Consumers should focus on the content of sodium in the nutritional component table on food outer packaging, and see whether the unit is "per 100 grams" or "each portion"; if the unit is "per port"Calculate the sodium content in the food.

From another perspective, sodium is an indispensable element for regulating the physiological function of the human body, which plays an important role in maintaining normal physiological activities and functions of the body. If there is too little sodium intake or lack of fatigue, fatigue, burnout, etc.EssenceTherefore, salt reduction should be moderate, not overkill.

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