Can the "mud" in the belly button be pulled out?Can the navel be washed?It may be wrong these years!

According to popular science China

When you are young, you must listen to the adults that these "warnings":

"The navel eyes cannot be random, otherwise it is easy to hurt your stomach!";

"Be sure to cover your belly button, otherwise you will have diarrhea!";

"Don’t pick up the dirty things in the belly button, it will rot the intestines!"


The belly button is a "scar" that everyone has.What secrets do this mysterious "scar" hide?


Care of the navel

During the fetus, the fetus cannot obtain oxygen and nutrients, so how to solve this problem?The umbilical cord solves this difficult problem.

The mother sends oxygen and nutrients to the fetus through the umbilical cord, and it loses its own effect after birth, so it is cut and left an unreprtyted "scar" in the abdomen -the navel eyes.

The cross section of the umbilical cord.Image source: Wikipedia Encyclopedia

In fact, the navel eye is a "dead beard". This is because it does not connect any internal organs.Therefore, the elders always say that "the navel eyes are connected with the intestines" are incorrect.


The mud in the navel eyes

You must have seen black mud in your belly button, so how do you always be blocked by your clothes, how did the mud inside go in?

As we all know, people metabolize every day, and although the navel eyes seem to be unable to get in the outside world, in fact, the secretions generated by the body’s metabolism, the leather and sweat of the bodyWear clothes to our navel eyes. These impurities are mixed together and left in the folds of the navel eye. Over time, a layer of dirt will be formed.These dirts have also become the "good feed" of bacteria. Scientists have found that there are as many as 2,368 bacteria in the eyes of people’s navels, of which 1,458 kinds may be unknown bacteria.

It sounds scary, but we should realize that the environment itself is full of bacteria, and we have always lived in such an environment.


Can the navel eye be removed?

Above we say that the navel eyes are a place where the dirt is "hidden". So in this case, can we clean the mud in the belly button?the answer is negative.

Although the mud in the belly button looks very bad, in fact, this layer of mud can be said to be indispensable.Because the epidermis layer of the navel eye is very thin, and the barrier effect is not strong in other places, the epidermis of the navel eye secretes this "mud" to protect the navel and prevent germs from invading.

The navel eye is a very fragile place. The skin of the belly button is thin, poor elasticity, and less subcutaneous fat. If you randomly, after the skin is damaged, there may be redness, pain, pain, and odor.Go to the hospital to avoid more serious problems caused by delaying treatment.Although the navel eyes usually don’t look like a big effect, if they are infected, they will cause major problems!

The germs will reach the liver along the liver round ligament, which will cause internal infections.Why do germs reach liver?Are our lymphocytes lost their jobs?In fact, there is no lymphatic tissue around the navel eye. Once inflammation, the virus army will be completely driven into the liver, and it may be too late to reach the liver!Therefore, the older generation does not let the navel eyes casually pick up, it still makes sense.


How to clean the navel?

Since our navel eyes are so "delicate", how can we clean it so that it can not be hurt?

First of all, there will be no big problems with gently pulling twice, but the premise is that keeping the hands is clean and the intensity should not be too great. Remember not to use your nails forcibly to remove it.If the navel is lighter, it can be cleaned with water to achieve good results; if we are deep, then we need to use a cotton swab dipped in the appropriate cleaning solution for cleaning.If necessary, you can use professional sterile dumplings to clean up the dirt hidden in the folds.

Remember to wipe with a soft paper towel or cotton swab after cleaning, so that the navel eyes are dry to avoid hidden dangers for the body.

For the maintenance of the navel, in addition to paying attention to timely cleaning, you should also drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, and develop good bowel habits, so that we will not make our belly button smell.

Review: Zhang Yuhong Chief Physician of the Department of Dermatology, Zhengzhou Central Hospital affiliated to Zhengzhou University

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