Can the children pregnant after taking the contraceptive pills still need it?Look at these 2 points

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Recently, a song released a few years ago has suddenly become hot.Do pregnant mothers know which song is it?That’s right, "Answer".When we walk on the street, we can hear "love like a blue sky and white clouds, clear sky, and suddenly storm."However, the help mother suddenly thought of a storm after a different clear sky.If you take contraceptives, what should I do if I am pregnant?Today, help my mother to talk to you about this worry -free thing.

In this matter, many expectant mothers are most worried about whether they will cause fetal malformation after taking contraceptives.The help mother feels that in order to get a more scientific answer, it needs to be considered from the following two aspects.

1. The level of dangers of contraceptives to the fetus

According to the degree of drugs to fetuses, the US Food and Drug Administration divides drugs into five categories: A, B, C, D, and X.Among them, Class D and X have obvious teratogenic effects on the fetus, and pregnant mothers in level A and B can take it during pregnancy.Therefore, the problem is the dangers of contraceptives taken by pregnant mothers.

Special Jule and so on.These drugs are only compound drugs containing a small amount of progesterone and estrogen, which can restore fertility after stopping.Taking this medicine has no effect on the fetus, and generally does not increase the probability of fetal malformations.

But pregnant mothers need to pay attention to another medicine, which contains the "rice non -sisone" ingredients.At present, it has not yet been clinically trial that this component has a direct effect on the fetal teratogenic, so doctors will maintain a neutral attitude towards pregnancy after taking such emergency contraceptives.Expectant mothers may wish to find the medicine box to see the required ingredients and take the dose, consult a doctor, and reduce the probability of fetal malformations as much as possible.

2. medication time

Generally speaking, three to twelve weeks after fertilization are the sensitive period of fetal development, and slight external stimuli can easily lead to congenital malformations of the fetus.

If you find that you take contraceptives 1-2 weeks after fertilization, and the fetus is still there after examination, then you don’t have to worry.And once you find that your medication time is at a sensitive stage of your baby’s development, it is best to terminate your pregnancy in time.

So, some mothers will ask, if there is any remedy measures if you have left your baby?Next, help your mother here to wake you up.

1. Take folic acid, the medicine cannot be stopped.I believe that folic acid can prevent the role of fetal deformity every pregnant mother!

2. Keep your mood well, exercise on time, pay attention to the balanced diet, and the rules of the schedule to avoid other factors that may cause teratogenic.

3. Although the cause of the contraceptive can be eliminated, pregnant mothers cannot take it lightly.It is necessary to follow the medical examination of the doctor, and to track the quality of the fetus in time through technical means such as B -ultrasound, amniotic fluid puncture.If necessary, you can do a few more delivery inspections.

Welcome to the arrival of a small life, parents need to make a lot of preparations, and there may be errors in which link may regret life.The surprise is also a small life, and pregnant mothers must treat them carefully.Other people’s suggestions are auxiliary tools. Only pregnant mothers know the most, and they are the most qualified to determine the stay of a small life.If you don’t miss every link, carefully analyze the results of the birth check, I believe mothers will make the most wise decisions!

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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