Can the sows feed chives without estrus?What are the benefits of leek to pigs?Must -see pigs

Leek is common in our lives, because it is rich in calcium, protein and various nutrients, which is an indispensable food in our lives.In addition to being able to give us humans as food, it can also treat many pig diseases.In order to help more pig farmers, I will talk about which pig diseases can be solved today.We must collect it.

1. The sow can eat leeks without estrus

When we are breeds, we often meet sows that are not estrus. Especially after giving birth to sow, they have been born in pigs for several months. It still does not feel estrus, which seriously affects the economic benefits of our pig farm.In order to allow sow to be able to spread the estrus quickly, we can use leeks to give sows aphrodisiac, first take half a pound of leeks+half a pound of brown sugar, and then add an appropriate amount of liquor to pour the sows directly, feed for 5-7 days, sow sowThere will be a symptom of estrus.

In addition to using leek for sows, we can also use traditional Chinese medicine for sow aphrodisiac. It can be used: prosperous love is too guaranteed, one bag a day, 7 days in a row, we can make the sows quickly and breed.It not only has aphrodisiac, but also promotes ovulation, which can increase the rate of sow production.

Second, the other wonderful use of the leek to the pig

1. Solving piglets: The newborn pigs are easily diluted when they eat milk. At this time, we can use leek to treat the piglets.Let’s buy an appropriate amount of leeks, wash and dry the water, and then cut the leeks, then squeeze out the leek juice with a very thin gauze, drink it for the diluted pigs, pour it twice a day, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time, 5 each time.Milum, 3 days in a row, can alleviate the pig’s dilute.At the same time, we can also use: Like Taibao, it contains a variety of Chinese medicines, which can treat various pork diarrhea.

2. Solve the sow without milk after delivery: When there is no milk after the sow is produced, we can also use leek to urge milk. You can buy 250-500 grams of leek, 500-1000 grams of sweet lees, 250 grams of small fish, and take these three.Mix the seeds together, then rush away with boiling water, wait for the temperature, then drink it for the sow, once a day, and feed for 3-5 days in a row to solve the sow without milk.

In order to prevent sows from having no milk or insufficient milk after giving birth, we recommend that we use it three days before the birth of the sow: Wang milk is too guaranteed. It has the effect of giving up milk and improving the quality of milk.Reduce the incidence of diarrhea in piglets.

3. Solving pigs’ incompetence: When we raising pigs, boars will also appear estrus. At this time, leeks are treated with leek, the effect is particularly good, because there are many aliases, such as the aphrodisiacThe effect of nourishing the kidney is fed to the boar with half a catty of leeks, 2 times a day, and fed for 5 days, so that the boar can be relieved.

The above four points are the benefits of leek feeding pigs. If we have the above problems during the pig raising process, we can treat pigs according to the method of this article, which is absolutely safe and effective.

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