Can this baby want after drinking?

Wine, you can drink when you are happy, you can drink when you are worried, you can drink at the party, then when you are pregnant … Can you drink it?

Drink, do you want to stay? If the fetal test is healthy, then this child can still be required.After drinking, pregnancy may affect the health of the fetus, and if you drink excessive drinking, it may cause fetal malformations or slow development.But this is not absolute. As long as the birth checkup is performed on a regular basis, you can consider staying in the case of your child’s health.

Suggestion: During the 15th to 20 weeks of pregnancy, do the development of the fetus to see the development of the fetus; during the period of 22 to 26 weeks of pregnancy, do a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound abnormal examination.

Can you drink some alcohol in the early pregnancy? Don’t drink.Because the embryo bed at this stage is still unstable. Due to physical differences, some pregnant mothers may have alcohol with the blood as the blood enters the embryo, which can easily cause miscarriage.

Can I drink alcohol in the second trimester? You can drink it appropriately, but not too much, especially for pregnant mothers with higher blood sugar, it is best not to drink.Sugar -containing wines such as champagne and wine will cause the pregnant mother’s blood sugar to rise, which will have a adverse effect on the fetus.

Can I drink alcohol in the third trimester? Can’t drink.This time is ready to have a baby at any time, if drinking can cause premature birth or other unfavorable situations.

What is the adverse effect on drinking during pregnancy? Drinking during pregnancy may cause a variety of children’s disability. The most serious of which is the fetal alcohol syndrome.Fetal alcohol syndrome refers to the permanent birth defect caused by the pregnant mother due to improper drinking during pregnancy. The severity is mainly the effect of drinking, drinking frequency, and drinking time of surrogate mothers.

Entering the fetus through the placenta will cause certain organs of the fetus to malformation or defects; affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, destroy the neurons, brain structure, and cause unique facial spots;Questions.

Generally speaking, it is still possible to drink and appropriate in time in the second trimester.However, because the physical fitness of pregnant mothers is very different, it cannot be explained that drinking a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy is absolutely safe.For the health of the baby, the expectant mothers during pregnancy and pregnancy should still control their mouths and not drink.

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