Can women diagnose hepatitis B?Doctor: Do 3 things or reduce the chance of child infection!

Hepatitis B is a relatively common liver disease. It has strong infectiousness, and patients often have problems such as fatigue and dizziness and decreased appetite when they are sick.

Especially after female patients are sick, they are often worried that they cannot get pregnant normally, and they are also worried about affecting the health of the fetus.The doctor said that these problems do need to be figured out before pregnancy. If you also want to know the answer, get it from the following.

Can women get pregnant normally after suffering from hepatitis B?

After infection with hepatitis B virus, some women did not dare to prepare for pregnancy. They were afraid that hepatitis B would be genetically genet or transmitted to the next generation.

From the perspective of medicine, hepatitis B is not genetic, but because it is a infectious disease and has strong infectiousness, one more want to avoid the next generation of hepatitis B virus. During the pregnancy, female friends must do it.Against measures.

Will patients with hepatitis B affect fetal health?

For female friends who are infected with hepatitis B virus, if you want to avoid affecting the health of the fetus, you must not only do the blocking operation in advance, but also have a comprehensive pregnancy test every three months during pregnancy, andIn the project, the indispensable is hepatitis B screening.

In addition, before chronic HPV infection with women planning to pregnancy, it is best to evaluate liver function through professional doctors, and review two and a half pairs of hepatitis B, liver ultrasound, hepatitis B virus DNA.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a drug to be pregnant when the liver function is normal and the hepatitis B virus is low. At the same time, the drugs such as interferon are discontinued half a year before pregnancy that can easily affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Do the following things to avoid hepatitis B infected with the fetus!

1. Implement maternal and baby blocking

To avoid inheriting hepatitis B virus to the next generation, first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should go to the hospital to inject hepatitis B immunoglobulin and immunoglobulin, which can reduce the chance of child infection with hepatitis B.

Secondly, after the fetus is born, it is best to inject the 1st chit protein within 6 hours.If the baby carried by the Sanyang Yang, it will still injected the second chipylin in about 3 weeks.

2. Regular checkup

During the pregnancy, pregnant women have to go to the hospital for a birth check every time. On the one hand, they can understand how their liver function is, and at the same time, they can also intuitively grasp the condition of fetal development. If there is abnormalities, doctors can deal with it in time.

3. Whether breastfeeding needs to depend on the situation depending on the situation

Although there is no relevant data so far that breastfeeding will increase the risk of children’s infection with hepatitis B virus, if the nipple is broken and bleeding, it will inevitably increase the possibility of child infection with hepatitis B virus.That’s it. Whether breastfeeding will be analyzed from an objective perspective.

All in all, after suffering from hepatitis B disease, female friends can indeed get pregnant normally, but the premise is to take preventive measures, such as injecting immunoglobulin.

In addition, you have to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. If the liver function is normal and the physical condition allows it, you can choose the appropriate stage of pregnancy under the guidance of the doctor.Wait for another 6 months to prepare for pregnancy.

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