Can women get pregnant again after ligation surgery?

Everyone knows that the birth policy of our country was at the beginning that a couple could only give birth to a child, which also led to many couples either secretly fertility and delivered a certain fee for this.The possibility of breeding again.

But in recent years, with the opening of my country’s second and third -child policies, some couples who want to be second and third have become more and more.Because for them, a child in the family is too lonely, and a child can be accompanied by a child.However, because some women have undergone ligation surgery, they do not know if they can still have birth.

Today, let’s talk to you about whether women have the ability to re -entertain after a ligation surgery, and what kind of harm will the ligation surgery cause to women’s bodies.

Female ligation is actually a way of contraception.

It is a surgical method of ligation or drugs to adhes up the tubal lumen to block the tubal lumen, blocking sperm and eggs to achieve permanent contraception. The success rate of this method is as high as 99%.

So, female friends need to pay attention. Although the success rate of ligation surgery is high, it is also harmful to women. It may cause women to appear:

① menstrual disorders.During the operation, the follicular rupture may be caused, which will cause the secretion of estrogen, which will affect the cause of menstruation, more menstruation, reduced menstruation, or bleeding.

② It is also possible that women can no longer be able to give birth due to surgery problems.

③ Abdominal pain.Because surgery will adhere to the pelvic cavity, abdominal pain may occur in the future.

④ Premature ovarian failure.After surgery, it may affect women’s ovarian secretion and blood supply, which will lead to premature ovarian failure.

Therefore, it is recommended that female friends must consider clearly before ligation and whether to ligation.

Well, whether the women who are worried about have undergone ligation surgery, can they still get pregnant again.

Answer: You can get pregnant.

Because ligation does not mean that you can’t get pregnant, you only need to perform the fallopian tube resume surgery.

However, everyone needs to note that the fallopian tube resume operation is not simply loosen the ligation part simply, and then connect it again. It requires a comprehensive assessment.It depends on the location of the fallopian tube, the degree of damage of the fallopian tube, the physical condition of the patient, and the requirements for doctors are very high.

It can also be said that the tubal resume surgery is not as simple as everyone thinks.

In summary, everyone pays attention that girls can get pregnant again after a ligation surgery.But do not think of this operation too simple, everything must be based on whether women’s fallopian tubes ‘birthplace, damage level, and doctors’ technology are kept on a good basis.

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