Can women get pregnant again during pregnancy?Can!28 days apart with twins

Can a woman get pregnant again when a woman is pregnant?IntersectionTell you with the facts, yes!

Come to hear the story of Sophie Smoer, which happened in the small town of Heryford County, UK.

In 2019, Sophie, who was only 30 years old, intends to have a second child.She claimed that she had a strong fertility, because she was in a time when she was pregnant.Sure enough, the second child came to them soon.

At that time, there were two babies in different growth stages, but Sophie didn’t know this.

When she went to a early pregnancy examination, the B -ultrasound showed that she was pregnant with her twins, but the doctor was surprised to find that the size of the two babies was different.This discovery caused medical staff to feel trouble, and Sophie began to feel anxious.

Finally, in August, she gave birth to two children smoothly, but the difference between the sisters was quite large, which made the doctor realize that they were pregnant in bed four weeks.Later, the medical staff told her that her sister was a 32 -week -old baby, and her sister was a 36 -week -old baby.Sophie was very surprised and felt that it was impossible. She had never heard of how it happened.

The growth difference between the two sisters reached 35%

My sister weighs only 1.87 kg, but my sister weighs 2.74 kg.But they are not twins in the traditional sense.

She added: "When they were born, the growth difference between the two of them reached 35%, and the staff realized that they were pregnant for four weeks."

The super mother said that eight weeks after the birth of the twins were the most difficult period in her life.

Sophie described the two of them so different, and even their appearance was not like sisters.My sister has golden hair and beautiful blue eyes, eager to become a princess or jockey; and my sister is a brown girl with hair, and the future goal is to be a train driver.

Sophie experienced serious discomfort during pregnancy, especially pregnancy.She was hospitalized eight times in just seven weeks and had a full 120 hours.

Unfortunately, her sister had cerebral palsy when she was born, which affected the right of her body, while her sister had stomach wall development.Because of the epidemic at the time, they did not get the help of their family members, and they took the baby alone.Despite many difficulties, Sophie faced everything bravely.

Two sisters are really different

This situation is extremely rare, and only a few cases are reported in medical documents.Doctors have discovered cases of rejuvenating pregnancy in Britain, Italy, and Canada.

During the period of pregnancy/severe pregnancy, it means that during pregnancy, fertilized eggs have been successfully bed and developing into an embryo again. Not only are humans, other mammals and small fish are also found.

Sophie said that twins have been in kindergarten, very lively

The growth rate of the two fetuses is obvious.

Generally speaking, changes in hormones during pregnancy usually hinder pregnancy again, and most women will not ovulation after pregnancy."Breeding" is very rare.Three key processes required for successful rehabilitation: ovulation, fertilization and implantation.These three processes are very likely to happen at the same time in a person.

In an American TV series called "intern", a more magical plot has appeared.The TV is about a mother with a twin uterus, and she was pregnant with a fetus in the two uterus.What’s even more wonderful is that the two children’s pregnancy is different for six weeks!

The doctors decided to give birth to a larger child with a larger size through a caesarean section, while the younger child continued to stay in the mother’s uterus and wait for the birth after six weeks.

There is no strange world!


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