Can Yin Super During the menstruation?

Sometimes many sisters want to quickly find out the cause or determine the condition, and they will choose Yin Chao. Doing yin super should end the menstrual period, that is, when the vagina has no hemorrhage, the yin super examination can be performed at any time.The uterus or ovaries are different.

Because the uterus and ovaries change with the menstrual cycle, periodic changes may occur. After the menstrual period is clean, the endometrium will gradually become thicker. After ovulation, the endometrium can undergo morphological changes due to progesterone effects.Therefore, after menstruation is clean, the endometrium seen in different periods is also different, including the ovarian.After the ovarian period is clean, the follicles can gradually increase. Among them, the advantageous follicles will become larger and larger. By 14-15 days, it will become mature follicles ovulation.After discharge, it forms luteum, and gradually becomes white.Therefore, during the menstrual cycle, when performing ultrasound examination, you will find that endometrial changes and ovarian changes will be found. As the menstrual cycle changes, it can be done in each period.

In principle, Yin Super Examination was not performed in the last menstrual period, because when vaginal ultrasound had vaginal bleeding, the possibility of infection may cause the possibility of infection.However, evaluate ovarian function, see that there are not many follicles of ovarian ovary, whether you can get pregnant normally, whether the follicles will grow normally, and the ovarian function is good.can do.In the absence of medical needs, general menstruation is generally performed after menstruation.

The color Doppler ultrasound is the most commonly used method for gynecological examinations. Now the vaginal color Doppler ultrasound is more, because vaginal color Doppler ultrasound is more clear than the B -ultrasound examination of the abdomen, and the vaginal color Doppler ultrasound does not need to urinate. As long as you want to do it, you can do it at any time. You can do it at any time.of.In the process of doing vaginal color Doppler ultrasound, there are generally a little discomfort, but this situation does not affect the patient. Through the vaginal color Doppler ultrasound, you can understand the size and location of the uterus.In addition, for the uterine cavity adhesion, there are some pathological changes in the endometrium, which can also be diagnosed through the vaginal B ultrasound, so the vaginal B ultrasound is a commonly used gynecological examination.

After the menstruation is over, the results of the examination will be more accurate.Because at the time of menstruation, the cervix mouth is open. At this time, if a yin super examination is performed, some bacteria can take advantage of the opportunity to enter the patient’s body and induce gynecological inflammation.Therefore, it is not possible to do yin during menstruation.

The existence of Yin Chao has improved the quality of gynecological examinations. It has more detailed help to judge whether women’s body is healthy and whether there are some gynecological problems.Therefore, if sisters need to conduct gynecological examinations, they can do a yin super examination after menstruation.

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