Can you drink soy milk when eating eggs?Eggs and soy milk will be indigestion with the same food. Is this true?

Eggs with milk are classic combinations of breakfast, but for some lactose intolerances, or people with weight loss, they often have the lactose fat content of milk, so they choose milk alternatives -soy milk.

At first glance, eggs with soy milk are also full of nutritional choices. Eggs and soy milk are rich in protein sources, and they are not very impatient and risk of obesity.However, there are also some "disharmonious" voices that eggs and soy milk are "bump", and they cannot drink soy milk when eating eggs.

When eating eggs, can soy milk drink?

Most of the so -called "eating eggs can not drink soy milk" comes from the principle of "food in the same way".

In simple terms, some people think that there is a restraint between food. If you eat a specific food and food, you will cause damage to health, such as persimmons and crabs, lobster and radish.

But in fact, in 2020, CCTV had made rumors on the so -called "food". Different foods were mixed, and they were not as affected by everyone’s imagination. Test 14 groups of foods, persimmons and crabs, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobster, lobsterAnd pineapple.Rumors that do not drink soy milk and eggs, naturally do not attack themselves.

However, although there is no principle of food and food, the components in food and specific combination of specific two will indeed cause trouble to health, such as the protein in crabs and tannic acid in the persimmon.Severe precipitation, uncomfortable feeling of abdominal distension.Is the relationship between soy milk and eggs?

Soymilk and eggs will be indigestion together. Is this true?

If the ingredients are alone, the protein in the eggs and the asprase in the soy milk will indeed cause precipitation when the two are combined to increase the possibility of indigestion.

However, before drinking soymilk, we must be cooked. During the cooking process, the bentinase in soy milk cannot bear the high temperature, and then decompose, there is no chance to combine with protein.Therefore, even if eggs and soy milk are eaten together, you can rest assured.

However, this also reminds us that we must cook before drinking soymilk. Drinking unfamiliar soy milk may not only have symptoms of indigestion, but also because of the toxic components such as saponin and condensation.The risk of poisoning may occur.Generally speaking, after the soymilk pot is cooked, open the lid and grunt for a while, which can effectively avoid fake boiling and ensure that what you drink is cooked soy milk.

Now that the soy milk is finished, let’s talk about eggs again. In addition to the wrong views of "can’t drink soy milk", there are many incredible rumors in the "injury" eggs.

How many of the three rumors about eggs have you believed in?

Rumor 1: "Red skin eggs are more supplemented than white skin eggs?"

Many friends should have heard of it, and even the rural areas will choose red skin eggs and give it to pregnant women who have just given birth. They feel that red skin eggs are red, so they can replenish blood.

But in fact, red skin and white skin are only related to the genes of hens, which is a reflection of individual differentiation.The red and white -skinned eggs are not obviously different. No matter what kind of eating, it can effectively help us supplement nutritional elements such as protein and lecithin. It is not necessary to choose it deliberately.

Rumor 2: "Grass eggs are more nutritious than ordinary eggs?"

Different differences between grass eggs and ordinary eggs are hens, hens with raw grass eggs eat bugs, and there are many natural plants.And hens who produce ordinary eggs eat more refined feed.

Therefore, after the comparison of related research, the fat and cholesterol content of grass eggs should be appropriately higher than ordinary eggs.However, because the nutrients in refined feed are relatively comprehensive, the trace elements and vitamin components of ordinary eggs are higher than grass eggs.

Compared with the two, there are advantages and disadvantages, but the gap is not large.

Rumor 3: "Good heart eggs are easy to absorb?"

Many people like to eat it. Watching the egg yolk flows out of the protein, it looks very nutritious at first glance.

However, protein is "more cooked and more nutritious". The higher the degree of heating of protein, the smaller the amino acid molecule, but the better it is absorbed.In contrast, the protein of the heartbeat egg is incomplete, but the efficiency of absorption is lower.

Of course, if you really like to eat heart eggs, you are not without ways. You can choose a sterile egg that is specially sold. Although it is more expensive, you can eat it with confidence and eat healthy. This is also worth it.After avoiding rumors, the real taboo of eggs is more worthy of attention.

Although eggs are common, there are taboos

First of all, people with allergies cannot eat.Eggs are also allergic? The answer is yes. According to data from my country ’s allergic genetic survey, about 9%of children 3 to 12 years old are allergic to eggs.Parents are asked to pay attention. If you frequently cause allergic reactions without knowing it, it is also a burden on children’s health.

Patients with hyperlipidemia.The cholesterol content in the body of hyperlipidemia is exceeded. Although the eggs are rich in nutrition, the cholesterol is also relatively high, so it is not recommended to eat it.Even if you want to eat, it is best to eat only protein and not eat egg yolk to reduce the intake of cholesterol, which is conducive to recovery of the disease.

Part of the liver sclerosis patients.For example, liver cirrhosis blood ammonia rises, patients with hepatic encephalopathy, etc. These people’s ability to metabolize hematoploprivioxy metabolism, and can produce toxic substances, leading to liver coma.Therefore, it is best not to eat high -protein foods, including eggs.

Eggs are good things, soy milk is also a good thing. Eat it with confidence and boldly, forming a nutritious breakfast.Correctly recognize that the shoulder and misunderstandings of soy milk and eggs are also conducive to our more scientific standardization and adjustment of diet, and good health will be more perfect.

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