Can you give some advice just when you are pregnant?what do we need to be caucious about?

When you are pregnant, it is recommended to pay attention to diet balance, and consume more protein, cellulose, carbohydrates, including preventing deformity or composite vitamins dedicated during pregnancy. These are very important.

In early pregnancy, in addition to diet and supplement folic acid, you should also pay attention to rest and ensure sleep time.

It is recommended to avoid sexual life as much as possible in the first three months of pregnancy, because the embryo can go to bed normally in the early pregnancy, and it can maintain growth and development without luteal support.

Prior to the formation of placenta at 12 weeks of pregnancy, the luteal of the ovaries maintained endometrial growth and maintained embryonic growth and development.Under such circumstances, there may be abortion or ahead abortion in the case of adverse stimulation.

If the early pregnancy is more severe or frequent sexual life, it may cause bleeding and aura abortion, and may cause abortion in severe cases.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a healthier, normal, and regular schedule in early pregnancy, a balanced nutritional state, and also need to take folic acid.

How to eat and what to eat in the early pregnancy?

The growth rate of the baby in the early pregnancy is relatively slow, and the nutrients they need are relatively small, and there is no need to hold a special supply.

Moreover, most pregnant mothers will have different degrees of pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, the diet at this time is mainly to promote appetite, easy to digest, and to meet the preferences of pregnant mothers.Granny fried foods and desserts can be eaten,) but eat less.Spicy, ice cream, cake, barbecue, etc., I am pregnant, occasionally eat it once, it doesn’t matter.

Facing pregnancy vomiting.Eat if you want to eat, eat less meals, eat a light diet, try more, find food that can alleviate your pregnancy, eat food that makes yourself feel comfortable.

Don’t lie down immediately after eating, open more windows and breathe, breathe more fresh and air.Find the belief that can support yourself to survive.Differential attention, finding the vent of emotions, crying when you want to cry, find someone who can understand you, say, depressed himself, low, and bad emotions.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus was relatively unstable. It was a peak period for biochemical or miscarriage and fetal stops. If-if-find pregnancy, tell others, and the fetus will be disappointed after abnormalities.Come heavy psychological burden.

After three months of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively stable.At this time, telling others that you are pregnant, you usually don’t have any effect.

Persist in supplement folic acid and prevent fetal malformations.It is best to supplement folic acid from the beginning of the plan.The daily folic acid replenishment is 400-800 micrograms. Too much folic acid tablets affect the suction-collection of zinc, which causes the baby to develop slowly.

In addition, if you take composite vitamins, you must pay attention to the reading manual. If the composite vitamin tablets contain folic acid, you do not need to take another folic acid tablets at this time.

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