Can you moxibustion during pregnancy?This article will explain it in detail

There are doubts about pregnant mothers: Can pregnant women moxibustion?

Regarding this problem, some people think that pregnant women are prohibited from moxibustion, because moxibustion is activating blood; some people think that for pregnant women who are cold in the palace, it is good to use moxibustion to disperse cold tires.

So, how do you face this problem?

Can pregnant women moxibustion?

We know that moxibustion can be used to regulate infertility and pregnancy.Can the prospective mothers who are already pregnant use moxibustion to keep their fetuses?

Generally speaking, moxibustion needs to be cautious during pregnancy, the most important of which is to avoid the lower abdomen!

※ In particular, it is to declare: This article is just sharing our opinions. Whether you can moxibustion during pregnancy, the decision right is still in your hands!Please consult a professional doctor before moxibustion of pregnant women.


Preparation of moxibustion of pregnant women

Avoid the lower abdomen, the temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long!

Some people think that pregnant women are prohibited from moxibustion. Such ideas are a bit radical and too insurance.In fact, for pregnant women who are cold in the cell palace, it is excellent to use moxibustion to remove the cold.

Our point is that as long as you do not moxibustion the small abdomen and do not directly affect your baby, you can use moxibustion to raise and protect your fetus.

In "Zhen Huan Biography", it is said that the Taiyi uses moxibustion to set the fetus for the mother. Regarding this bridge, the traditional Chinese medicine experts were interpreted.Whether in some experts, or from the perspective of the teaching materials of Chinese medicine, this is completely reliable!

But pay attention to:

① The temperature of moxibustion of pregnant women should not be too high, it is advisable to warm!It should not be too long in a single time, and each acupoint moxibustion is 5-10 minutes.

② Do not be too long for moxibustion during pregnancy. It is not recommended for moxibustion in the early three months of pregnancy and early pregnancy. In the early stage, it is a dangerous period and it is not stable.Moxibustion in physical condition.

③ Pregnant women’s moxa must be used in pure Ai, and it is Chen Ai bar. You cannot use medicine or Ai that year. The firepower is too fierce.


What acupuncture can pregnant women moxibustion

Moxibustion is righteous and activated, pregnant women need, babies also need, and moxibustion can nourish the two.

So how to moxibustion?

First of all, we need to avoid the lower abdomen. This is the focus, we said above.

Then it is recommended that pregnant women moxibustion some righteous acupoints, such as Babu, Zusanli, Yongquan, etc. As long as they feel comfortable, they can moxibustion.

When the appetite is not good, you can moxibustion three miles to stimulate your appetite and provide your baby sufficient qi and blood.If you have nausea and vomiting, you can moxibustion and internal control.When the emotions fluctuate, moxibustion can control the emotions too much. When the sleep is not good, you can moxibustion the spring spring.

However, it should be noted that if you feel uncomfortable after moxibustion during pregnancy, you must add and subtract the acupoints at any time to be comfortable. Of course, you can also stop moxibustion at any time!


Permiated: Moxibustion after pregnancy can cause abortion

Some people have moxibustion after pregnancy, abortion, and then they feel that the side effects of moxibustion brought by moxibustion.

① Moxibustion should not be too high and too long!

The most important thing for pregnant women’s moxibustion is to pay attention to control temperature and time, and taste it!

If the moxibustion of moxibustion for pregnant women is too long and the temperature is too high, it may cause the qi and blood to be too turbulent, which is harmful to the baby!It should be noted that it is too late!

Not as much as possible, the right is the best.When pregnant women moxibustion, the temperature should be warm and comfortable. If you use a wooden moxibustion box or a pair of moxibustion, you can use a towel to cover the moxibustion to reduce the temperature.

② The body is inherently due to the inadequate!

If there is no mistake during moxibustion, but still abortion, this is largely due to the serious deficiency of the innate. Although moxibustion is not weak in a short time, the illusion of moxibustion will appear.Essence

We all know that there are many reasons that affect miscarriage -Gonghan, gynecological diseases, poor internal conditions, etc., which are likely to cause abortion, and these situations can be conditioned with moxibustion.

Re -understand moxibustion during pregnancy

1 The effect of Ai Yan on pregnant women and babies

Don’t say that pregnant women and babies are not said to be a strong man!To make moxibustion in a breathable environment, the produced Ai Yan can completely ignore it compared with the haze.

2 Can moxibustion during breastfeeding?

Mermination of moxibustion is not only good for mothers, but also better for milk!

3 Can I moxibustion immediately after production?

Completely!Can help the exclusion of lochia and the recovery of the body.

Some people say that the theoretical basis that cannot be moxibustion immediately after childbirth is "virtual non -supplementary"; these two virtual differences!

Postpartum deficiency is because of the sudden loss of qi and blood after production.

The "virtual" that is not supplemented is because the patient’s long -term qi and blood deficiency caused the failure of the metabolic absorption function of each organs. At this time, do not make big fish and meat to make up, it is best to drink millet porridge.Nor does it mean that you can’t do moxibustion!IntersectionIntersectionAnd this kind of deficiency is best to use moxibustion.

If it is convenient to make moxibustion after production: Sanyinjiao, Zusanli, Blood Sea, the entire lower abdomen, the whole back waist;

Moxibustion time, 5-10 minutes each time, with the warmth of the skin, you can repeat multiple times;

4 Adaptive Moxibustion Methods during pregnancy

Poor appetite:

Moxibustion: Zhongli and Zusanli, appetizing and strengthening the spleen, stimulating appetite, and improving righteousness.

Pregnancy response:

1. Moxibustion: Zhongli, Neiguan, and Zusanli can play a role in promoting clearing and lowering turbidity.

2. The mouth of the mouth also has the effect of stopping vomiting.

Emotional fluctuations:

Moxibustion: Neiguan acupoints, Taichong points, to adjust and control emotions; never hit her husband

did not sleep well:

30 minutes after soaking your feet, moxibustion Yongquan acupoint improves sleep.

Moxibustion time has been used many times, and the moxibustion time of moxibustion does not exceed 1 hour.If you have other symptoms before you are pregnant, you can continue to moxibustion according to the previous acupoints.

5 Habitual abortion

Pregnant mothers with a history of habitual miscarriage can start eating wormwood and cooking eggs before pregnancy, until production.

These problems are conditioned before pregnancy. This is to grow a warm and healthy environment for the baby. Of course, if you have pregnant your baby, you can gradually improve the inside environment through moxibustion, but you still have to be slowly.Gradually, remember in my heart: Avoid the lower abdomen, the temperature is not easy to be too high, and the time is not easy.

The last thing to say is that the safety advantage of moxibustion is not comparable to any other therapy whether it is preparing for pregnancy or nourishing.Whether it is a chemical synthetic western medicine or a Chinese medicine, more or less, there will be residues of harmful substances, which will affect the fetus, but there is no such problem in moxibustion.

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