Can you raise a cat in pregnancy?Do not abandon scientific understanding!

Once you are pregnant or have BB at home, your parents and father -in -law will send away another little baby (pet)!

In fact, this is also a source. Cats are the ultimate host of the toxoplasma worm. Gow -shaped worms are a special pathogen. It infected with pregnant women during pregnancy.The worm was arranged in the body through the stool of the cat, which caused the infection of other animals. Other animals caused the infection of Toxoplasma after eating the cat’s feces.

In addition, the infection of Toxoplasma is more infected from some wild cat stray cats. The chances of infection with bow -shaped worms in their bodies are relatively higher.Wandering outside, then it is relatively safe and can be raised during pregnancy.

Which animals are easily infected?It is our common pigs, cattle, sheep, dogs, rabbits, etc. These mammals are prone to infection of Toxoplasma. However, bowworms live in their meat after they are infected in their bodies.

First of all, the most important thing is to avoid eating raw meat, especially the meat of some mammals, be sure to avoid raw food. The bug eggs of the toxoplasma can be killed.Pay attention to the corresponding protection, such as putting on a mask, putting on gloves, and a thorough wash with a hand sanitizer after processing the cat’s feces. These can prevent the infection of the toxoplasma.

1. Do not contact the cat too close, be careful not to be washed by the cat’s injury, biting, and touching.

2. Cats must be injected with vaccines, deworming cats regularly, and often bathing for cats.

3. Do not feed cats to eat raw or food with food regularly, and do not put them with other items.

Pets during pregnancy are actually beneficial to the physical and mental development of Baoma and baby. Pets can improve the mood of pregnant women well during pregnancy. With a good mood during pregnancy, it can promote the baby’s development and healthy growth.

Source: Dr. Guo Shaozhen

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