Can you really use the pulse to determine whether you are pregnant?Is the accuracy high?Pet concubine is pregnant

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Guide: my country’s Chinese medicine culture is extensive and profound. For example, the pulse is the cut veins in Chinese medicine "looking at the question". So the cut veins are really so amazing?Can you even judge even pregnancy?

A TV series of "Beauty in the Cabinet" last year caused many people’s interest. The subject matter is not only a fairy fox series full of strange colors. The actors are also beautiful men and women, very eye -catching.

"Beauty in the Cabinet" is adapted from the novel "Rouge Drunk". It belongs to the fantasy drama of the costume court.A copy of the court battle in the palace was opened, and the monsters were upgraded.

One of the episodes, Huang Qingfeng, the refined concubine of the yellow Itachi, deceived the emperor himself as pregnant, and Cui Huang of the fox family, in order to let Huang Qingfeng show the filling, while Huang Qingfeng was asleep, the slightly planned Huang Yixi HuangThe light wind was temporarily sealed, and the emperor came to the emperor, trying to expose that Huang Qingfeng was not pregnant.

Huang Qingfeng, who has no spells for the time being, has no way to take a while at this time. At this time, the emperor had brought the imperial doctor to Huang Qingfeng’s dormitory.I’m afraid of moving the dragon tire.

Huang Qingfeng was finished. This time it must be exposed. The imperial doctor’s pulse, Huang Qingfeng was thinking about his speech.Da Yue, Huang Qingfeng and Hu Feiyu were stunned for a while. Huang Qingfeng thought that he did not expect that he was really pregnant, and Hu Feiyu was puzzled. How could the light wind really get pregnant?I was so surprised that I couldn’t speak.

Through the interpretation of the TV series, we understand that the ancient concubines were passed. The imperial doctor used the pulse to determine whether he was pregnant.So why no longer use the method of the pulse to determine whether it is pregnant?

What is the pulse of Chinese medicine?

The pulse on traditional Chinese medicine is also called cut veins. Basically, it is basically completed through three steps, namely: positioning, feelings, and judgment.

First of all, we must set the position of the context, find the context, and start to feel the pulse:

1. If you touch it gently, you can touch the pulse, called the floating pulse; if it is very hard, the pulse that can be felt is called Shenmai.

2. Through strength judgment, the pulse power is real pulse; weakness is the deficiency pulse.

3. Determine the frequency of pulse. The pulse beating between healthy people should be four times, and the lack of late pulse; exceeding and not more than the second is the pulse.

4. The relaxation of the pulse also has strings and slow pulses.

5. Feel the fluency of the pulse, which is the fluency of the pulse.

6. The length of the length of the pulse is also divided into long pulses; the width of the pulse is divided into large pulse and fine pulse.

Can I really judge whether they are pregnant through cutting veins?

You can determine whether you are pregnant through cutting veins, but the accuracy rate cannot reach 100 %. Because the feelings of the joy and the ordinary pulse are different, the hi pulse is often a smooth pulse, but the pulse of the human body is affected by many factors.There are many.

For example, the pulse of menstruation, the pulse of accumulation or fever is similar to the joy of the pulse, so this kind of traditional Chinese medicine cuts the pulse to determine whether there is a pregnancy method. It is mostly popular in ancient times.Be eliminated.

Important tips: The academic and profound knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, and historical origin, can be mastered by ordinary young people to learn books for several years. It requires rich practice and sufficient understanding.

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