Can you see at a glance at a glance?Don’t guess, it is these four premature performances that sell you

Can you see at a glance at a glance?

Xiaoxiao just learned that she was pregnant, and happiness was incredible.But strangely, she didn’t say anything, and the colleagues around her knew she was pregnant.

Only she knew with her husband by herself. It hasn’t been three months before, and even the family hasn’t told them. How did they know?

Because the placenta has not been developed in the early pregnancy, there are many unstable factors.

Some of the natural phenomena of the Chinese are still in awe. In order to protect the fetus, even if they know that they are pregnant, they will not tell others immediately.

But the seven aunts and eight aunts seemed to read heart techniques or have thousands of miles. As long as your belly is a bit moved, even if your secret work is good, how strict your mouth is, even if you add the "Moscopic Code",They will still be easily cracked!

4 presence of 4 pregnancy betray you

In fact, after a woman is pregnant, there will be some typical changes in their bodies. As long as you grasp the most common performance in the early pregnancy, you can see if you are pregnant at a glance.

1. Love to run the toilet

Due to the large amount of hormones during pregnancy, and the compression of the increasing uterus of the bladder, the toilet is strong, and after the toilet came out, it didn’t take long for it to run in. It was obvious that I didn’t drink much water to go to the toilet.

When you go out, you can find the toilet wherever you go.In addition, the enlarged uterus will also compress the intestine, slowing or accelerating gastrointestinal motility, so pregnant women are prone to constipation or diarrhea.

At that time, I had diarrhea when I was pregnant. My colleagues saw that I opened a few times a day, and coupled with some of my usual symptoms of early pregnancy, my colleagues directly asked me if I was pregnant.

2. Destiny like life

Sathery is like life, and it is really no exaggeration for me in the early stages of pregnancy.At that time, I was not sick and nauseous, but under the influence of HCG hormones, I felt very sleepy and tired.

When I was sleepy at work, I had to lie down for a while. I hurriedly dinner at noon and dinner at noon. Otherwise, I couldn’t do it in the afternoon.

When my colleague saw me suddenly sleeping so much, she came out, "Are you pregnant?".I asked her how she knew, and she said, "Signs of changes in your body have already told me." As soon as the words fell, she showed her aunt -like smile.

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3. Poor skin condition

Hormone imbalances are prone to various skin problems, and a large amount of hormone secretion during pregnancy can also increase melanin and cause pigmentation, thereby appearing acne, long pigmentation, and dull skin.

A colleague who was just pregnant was that the original smooth face was full of acne, which made her unhappy.

At that time, the company’s elder sister also said that she might be pregnant.She didn’t know that acne had nothing to do with pregnancy. Who knew that she had a pregnancy reaction after a week and vomited. This vomiting company knew that she was pregnant.

Remember, the skin will deteriorate after pregnancy. In order to avoid excessive melanin, keep the skin in a good condition.

When going out, you must take sunscreen and sustate, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to inhibit melanin production.

4. Back pain

Due to the effects of lutein gogreeting and relaxation, the joints around the uterus around the uterus of the pregnant mother will gradually relax, so that the fetus has enough space to grow.

It is also prepared for the baby after October of pregnancy.The relaxed muscles and ligaments will bring discomfort such as back pain to pregnant mothers. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will have this phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy. Pay attention to rest.

All in all, it is not difficult to see if a person is pregnant. It is much easier than solving the "Moscore code". It is mainly to observe the most common performance in the early stages of pregnancy. If you have several early pregnancy performances at the same time, it is difficult for them to think of it.In pregnancy.

The above content is for learning and education only!If there is a situation, please consult a doctor or a qualified medical person!

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