Can’t extraction during menstruation, there are other taboos in addition?These periods, persuade you not to mess with it

A variety of oral problems such as loose teeth, repeated episodes of wisdom tooth crown, orthodontics, and dental caries need to be pulled out to quickly solve oral problems.However, it is not properly treated after the tooth extraction time or after the tooth extraction, which is likely to affect the tooth extraction effect and even cause major bleeding.Especially women, tooth extraction should avoid the following time.

1. Pregnancy period

No tooth extraction can be extracted in early and late pregnancy, so as not to cause abortion or premature birth due to stimulation.If pregnant women have a good physical condition in the middle of pregnancy, but when there are serious oral problems, they should choose to consider tooth extraction as appropriate.However, taking anti -inflammatory drugs for at least one week after tooth extraction may affect the growth and development of the fetus, so the medication should be used with caution.

2. menstrual period

The level of women’s menstrual period changes greatly, the state of coagulation changes, and tooth extraction may increase the blood output; the menstrual stress ability decreases, increases the content of the original activated substance in the saliva, slows down the wound healing speed, thereby increasing the healing rate, thereby improvingProbability of bacterial infection.

3. Breastfeeding

In order to prevent infection, antibacterial drugs are required after tooth extraction, but the drug ingredients can also be metabolized into milk, affecting the baby’s health, so it cannot be extracted during breastfeeding.

4. Taking contraceptives

Women who are taking contraceptives by taking contraceptives have increased fibrin decomposition, making it difficult for wounds to generate blood clots, affect wound healing, and increase the risk of germs infection.

1. Bite the gauze for at least 30 minutes

After the tooth extraction, the gauze or cotton ball will be placed above the tooth extraction socket. At least 30 minutes, it will be able to compress the hemostatic effect.After the tooth extraction, there will be a large amount of fresh blood flowing out. Generally, blood condensation can be generated in about 15 minutes to promote wound closure.Do not do severe exercise within 3 days after extraction, reduce speaking, pay more attention to rest, and stay away from spicy food.

2. Do not lick the wound with your tongue

After highlighting the gauze, the wound has stopped bleeding, and the blood clot has also been generated.If you spit your mouth or rinse your mouth, the blood clot will be broken down again, causing the blood clot to fall off and bleed again. Therefore, you cannot brush your teeth within 24 hours after the tooth extractionwater.

3. Do not eat any food within 2 hours after extraction

Do not eat soft and hard food within two hours after the tooth extraction, nor can you drink liquid drinks.After two hours of eating, eat liquid or soft food first, and you cannot chew food with a tooth extraction side.

4. Maintain oral hygiene

After tooth extraction, you should maintain oral cleaning and hygiene. Usually, you can brush your teeth normally after 24 hours, but you must pay attention to the movement of the movements soft and slow. Brush your teeth once every morning and evening, and rinse your mouth with water in time after meals.

Kind tips

Although tooth extraction is a small problem, this is also a creative operation. The formal hospital should be selected to avoid infection from incomplete disinfection of small clinics.In addition, the spiritual fluctuations cannot be extracted after excessive fatigue and alcoholism; people who are taking drugs such as dual phosphates must also consider whether they can extraction to avoid affecting wound healing.Middle -aged and elderly people and patients with systemic diseases should comprehensively evaluate each indicator, and then determine whether to extract teeth.If the blood pressure is too high, taking painkillers may cause limited blood pressure to rise; if the blood sugar is too high, it is likely to cause a wound infection after tooth extraction.

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