Can’t feel when you are pregnant?In fact, you have ignored the small symptoms of these 5 early pregnancy

Xiao Chi always felt uncomfortable during this time, and was particularly easy to get tired. The lower abdomen had a painful feeling of falling pain. Once she went to the toilet, she also found that she had bleeding.Xiao Chi thought, it seems that he is sick. After this time, you must go to the hospital to check it.Although he thought so, Xiao Chi was still busy working. After rest, he asked friends to climb mountains and soak hot springs.It wasn’t until two days ago that Xiao Chi found that her aunt hadn’t come for two months, and then she panicked to go to the hospital to check her body.At this time, Xiao Chi knew that he had been pregnant for 2 months.The doctor blame her carelessness, and Xiao Chi said straightforwardly, "I really don’t feel it!"

Many expectant mothers in life are the same as Xiao Chi. They only know that they are pregnant when they go to the hospital for examination.People think that there are no signs in the early stages of pregnancy, so expectant mothers do not know that they are pregnant.In fact, there are some different time in the early stages of pregnancy, but these signs are not too obvious, so many expectant mothers have ignored it.

1. It’s easy to get tired

When she was pregnant, expectant mothers would feel particularly easy to get tired.Often if you do n’t do anything, you have no strength to be exhausted.

Therefore, if you pass the room after menstruation, and then feel particularly easy to tired. Under the premise of excluding other factors, you can consider whether you are pregnant.

2. Breast

After pregnancy, the expectant mother felt that her breasts became larger, and they had a tingling sensation, and they felt hard.Conversely, if women suddenly have a feeling of breast tingling, it may also be pregnant.

3, a bad mood

The influence of hormones in the body after pregnancy, the mood of expectant mothers will easily become poor, and always inexplicably wants to get angry.This is a bit like a woman coming to aunt.

4. Lisal appetite

After pregnancy, expectant mothers generally have the phenomenon of loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.This is caused by early pregnancy reactions and body pregnancy secretion in the body.If women suddenly have these situations and can eliminate gastrointestinal diseases, they are likely to be pregnant.

5. Rise body temperature

After pregnancy, the effects of hormones such as progesterone in the receptor, the physical temperature of expectant mothers will increase, and it is difficult to fall.Therefore, if a woman who may be pregnant finds that her body temperature rises suddenly and has no other uncomfortable symptoms, first consider whether they are pregnant, and do not blindly use antipyretics to avoid serious impact on the baby.

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