Can’t keep dogs when you are pregnant?Foreigners say, yes!

Everyone must be familiar with this argument "when you are pregnant", so how does this argument come from?Can you raise dogs during pregnancy?Let’s discuss it below.

Duer Dad should ask everyone a question first: Everyone has watched foreign movies and videos. Foreign children, including babies and dogs, are very harmonious, and many dogs watch the baby born and grow up.Come here, why wouldn’t foreigners abandon dogs that have been raised for many years because of pregnancy?

The answer to the question, I believe that you will have a judgment in your heart after reading this article.

The only infected between dogs can be transmitted in the common diseases of dogs and skin diseases. These two diseases are one in the body and one body.Intersection

Gow -shaped insects are not survived. The family is cleaning in place. The food you eat is cleaned, the meat should be cooked, and the dogs should be cleaned regularly.Worm is that simple.

When preparing for pregnancy, go to the hospital for a bow -shaped worm, and then raise it. If you have something to do, you can cure the disease and then raise it.As long as you have a bow -shaped worm, you will not suffer anymore in this life. What are the fear of?

Only when the skin disease is very serious, it is possible to be transmitted to people. At most, it is ear mites, lice, flea and the like, which will not affect the fetus at all. What are the fear of?

The saying that "pregnancy cannot be raised" is because in the past, the medical conditions were not very complete, the popularity of knowledge is not as wide as now, and the transmission of information is not now fast. People’s cultural level and knowledge level are not high.This statement will be passed on ten, ten passes.

To put it bluntly, "I can’t raise a dog for pregnancy" is nonsense.

Then when I return to the questions I raised, why don’t foreigners do that?

Because they believe in science.

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My wish is that all dogs can spend the dogs healthy and happy.

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