Can’t nails, hair dyeing, and makeup during lactation?Not necessarily, the mother after birth can still be beautiful in a new height

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Love beauty is the nature of women. In order to make themselves beautiful, women can be modified from hair to toes.

But this is also limited to women without children. After women, women seem to say goodbye to "beautiful", and even some treasure moms still live a "amateur" day after giving birth.

After being a mother, we need to breastfeed. Whether it is diet or life, you need to strictly ask yourself, so many times, even after giving birth, the mother still dare not dress herself.

Now that it is, the New Year is the peak of relatives and friends gatherings before and after the New Year. After giving birth to a baby, Xiaomi also wanted to attend various gatherings beautifully, so he went to nails and made another hair.

When Xiaomi was still admiring her new look, her mother -in -law saw that Xiaomi made her hair and painted my nails. She also accused Xiaomi of breastfeeding. These things were chemicals.You have to consider the safety of your children!

Xiaomi was reprimanded by her mother -in -law, and she really had so many taboos during breastfeeding?

In traditional concepts, breastfeeding mothers do not seem to enjoy the right to live, such as coffee, hot head, nails and other behaviors, can not be connected, because these will affect the quality of milk. Is this really the case?

1) Do not dye hair perm during breastfeeding

The International Breast Milk Association’s suggestion for hair lactation is: Don’t worry!There is no evidence that: dyeing and perm during breastfeeding will affect the baby.

Hair -dye and perm are absorbed through the skin, and then reached the baby’s body through milk. At this time, the content is already very low, and the impact on children can be ignored.

Therefore, during breastfeeding, it is okay if the mother wants to improve her mood by making a hair, but you must choose a regular and qualified product.After finishing your hair, don’t let your baby come into contact with your hair.

2) Make -up cannot be made up during breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, cosmetics will not affect the baby through milk, and what really affects the baby is the contact process between mother and child.

After the mother puts on the baby, after playing with the baby or in close contact, the baby’s hand will inevitably come into contact with the mother’s face, so the cosmetics will remain on the hand. Once the baby sucks it into the stomach, it will cause stomach discomfort.

3) Nails cannot be nail during breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, nails can also be occasionally available.

Nail polish does contain harmful substances, but the content of penetrating into the blood through nails or surrounding skin is also very limited, let alone penetrate into the milk. Occasionally, nails are also harmless.

And the current nail polish is improved, avoiding many carcinogenic and toxic substances, so as long as the baby is avoided, it is basically no effect on the baby.

4) Can’t exercise during breastfeeding

There are a lot of sayings in the workshop, saying that breast milk mothers will become "sour" after exercise.

Indeed, after people exercise, the body will produce lactic acid. The lactic acid can enter the milk through the blood emulsion barrier, but this has no effect on the mother’s milk quality at all.

Generally speaking, the lactic acid concentration of milk can be restored to normal level 30 minutes after exercise, so after exercise, the mother can rest and feed happily.

During breastfeeding, mothers can perm and dye their hair, but to avoid the baby’s "hairstyle"; you can make up during breastfeeding, but avoid intimate contact with the baby; during breastfeedingAfter rest, feed your baby.

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