Can’t play mobile phones during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers wear radiation protection clothes and play mobile phones, doctors say they are too worried

Since the moment of pregnancy, Baoma has become the key protection target of the family.At the moment, for the children in the stomach, the previous state of life was completely changed, not staying up late, normal work, stay away from social, and stay away from junk food.Even many times, even if the mobile phone is not allowed, it always feels that radiation is not good for the baby, but in fact, the baby’s most afraid of radiation sources are not electronic products such as mobile phones, computers and other electronic products.

My colleague Xiao Dong had not been pregnant for a long time. She called me a few days ago and complained that because of her pregnancy, her husband did not let her use her mobile phone, and the TV would not let watch it. I stayed at home all day.She couldn’t help but play her mobile phone in trouble. Later, her husband agreed, but provided that she put on radiation -proof clothes. She put it on for the children in her stomach.

Later, when I went to the hospital for examination, I also put on the radiation protection suit. The doctor saw it and was laughed at by her appearance.Tell them that in fact, this radiation protection suit is useless at all. The radiation of mobile phones and computers is actually not as great as imagined. There are other real radiation sources. Let them not spend any money.

First of all, most parents feel that the radiation of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers is very large, which will have a great impact.It is undeniable that there are certain radiations, but in fact, the voltage amplitude of these items is small and will not cause strong radiation. As long as it is not staring for a long time, it does not have a great impact.

Therefore, when Bao Ma is pregnant, don’t stop it from playing mobile phones. Think about it in other places. You can stay at home as a whole. You ca n’t watch TV, you ca n’t play your mobile phone. It ’s really boring. Normal entertainment is still necessary.

Secondly, even if you spend money to buy some radiation protection clothes, although it can play a certain role.But it is not only uncomfortable to wear it, but it can not completely block all the radiation around the surrounding surroundings.In such an era of developed technology, the radiation source around us can be said to be endless. Most of them may not know, and for pregnant women, the largest radiation source is not mobile phones and computers, but electric blankets.

Many people may not understand, why does electric blanket affect pregnant women?In fact, this is the case. When the winter is cold, many homes will plug in the hot blanket to sleep at night. Sometimes the pregnant woman is lying on the bed during the day and there is an electric blanket. If you think about how long the electric blanket and the pregnant woman have more than 8, it exceeds 8It’s an hour.Although the radiation is small, the time is long, which will maximize the radiation.Therefore, in general, if you need to use an electric blanket, you can insert it in advance before going to bed, and then unplug it when you go to bed.

During pregnancy, in addition to preventing radiation, there are many other places to pay attention to.For example, you can’t always lie on the bed.After pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the actions are not convenient, so often do not want to move, just lie directly in the bed. Sometimes it is one day when lying down, but in fact, this is not good, which will cause the pregnant woman’s body to body’s body’s body.Puffed, and always lying down is not good for the growth of the fetus, or how much you want to exercise, you can get out of bed.

Also, it is best not to stay up late for pregnant women. Many times I ca n’t change the habit of staying up late before, or because the baby always moves, I ca n’t sleep, so I just play with mobile phones to chase the drama.EssenceThe metabolism of pregnant women during pregnancy is slower. If staying up late, it will cause endocrine disorders, which will inevitably affect the baby.

All in all, in order to be born smoothly and for the healthy growth of the baby, the places that pregnant mothers should pay attention to pay more attention.

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