Can’t sleep on the left side of pregnancy?Pregnant mothers use a swimming circle to solve the problem, why don’t I know earlier

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After pregnancy, as the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, pregnant mothers will experience a lot of feelings that have not been encountered before. For example, after the belly is big, I say that the number of the display on the display from top to bottom every day is not seen.I encounter a lot of problems that bother life and health, such as starting to go around at night to sleep.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the bulging stomach will become a new experience and new burden on pregnant mothers. Just like holding a fragile large watermelon in his arms, it takes 24 hours to hold it, and you can’t ignore it.

Moreover, pregnancy does affect the life of pregnant women from the inside out.

Insomnia is a very common problem.

I often can’t sleep at night after pregnancy, pubic pain, frequent urination, and pay attention to sleeping posture in the middle and late pregnancy. Even the side of the trinity cannot be used to sleep in pain every night.

I have seen Bao Ma shared her feelings during pregnancy. She described her pregnancy like a hard seat train that had been sitting for 280 days, plus gastroenteritis for 3 months.

Anyone who has taken a long -distance green leather train knows this feeling. The uncomfortable feeling after pregnancy is just like you are on the train. You must always hold your own heavy items in your arms.It is also very aggrieved. Sleeping in a narrow sleeper at night, it is long, and it is inevitable to have back pain.

During the pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to keep back. This posture can easily make the back extensor in a state of tension, and the lumbar spine bumps are even more likely, so it is easy to cause back pain and back pain, and it will be uncomfortable when sleeping at night.

In addition, pubic pain is also a problem facing many pregnant mothers.In order to facilitate childbirth, the pubic bone is separated, and the pelvis will feel pain when walking and turning over. Some of them will be painful even if they just lie on the bed.

In the early pregnancy, in addition to sleeping on your stomach, your posture can be casual;

In the middle and late pregnancy, try not to lie on your back, because at this time, the fetus has developed enough, and the sleeping position of the supine can easily lead to insufficient blood supply to the uterus; it is best to lie on the left side, because some studies have found that the fetus will rotate to the right during the growth process, and the left will be rotated.The side lying can effectively correct the right rotation of the uterus, thereby increasing oxygen supply.

However, it is too difficult to sleep in a posture during sleep!

Although it is said that the left side is the best sleeping posture in the middle and late pregnancy, but people are alive. How can they keep a different posture all night? Besides, you can consciously keep the left side of the left side.What about your sleeping position?Therefore, when you are extremely uncomfortable, you can lie on the right side and wake up to find that you are not lying on the left side. Don’t worry too much, because it is also important to keep a good sleep.

In addition, I recently saw a pregnant mother shared her trick and met late. Why didn’t I think of this when I was pregnant and I didn’t see this video!

She couldn’t sleep around at night, and her husband slept sweetly.

When she was angry, she thought of a good idea, brought the swimming ring at home, put it on the bed, then lay down, put her belly in the middle of the swimming circle.

This long sleeping posture made the pregnant mother feel rare and comfortable.

Sleeping on your stomach is a kind of sleeping position that many people feel comfortable. Many little babies like it very much, but because it is easy to block the risk of blocked mouth and nose, parents generally help correctly correct.

Many people like to sleep when they grow up, because they can feel a sense of security similar to infantiles.

Moreover, for pregnant women with back pain and back pain, no matter the limited posture has been used, it is also a good feeling to experience a swimming ring to sleep.

Because the swimming rings are raised in the middle of the pregnant woman’s body, and the belly of the belly and the space of the belly and chest, the feeling of squeezing her will not be squeezed. On the contrary, the gap between the shoulders and necks can allow the pregnant woman’s neck and shoulders to shoulders.Relax.

However, this posture is only recommended to try it before going to bed. It is not suitable to sleep for a long time, and it is not recommended to lie down to sleep directly.After all, the time is long, and it is not effective for correcting the right rotation of the uterus, and after all, there is a high gap between the swimming circle. After falling asleep, it is inconvenient to turn over and it is easy to accidentally occur.

In fact, the role of the swimming circle is a bit like a special pregnant woman’s pillow. The role of pregnant women’s pillows also uses pillows to support the strength of pregnant women’s body, such as neck, legs, waist, etc. to reduce the pressure of pregnant women.

The pregnancy process is hard, so many pregnant mothers are anxious to give birth to the child, but as a person who comes, you have to tell you that when you have finished birth, you know that you are good during pregnancy …

And since we chose this life, we only care about the wind and rain ~

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