Can’t take medicine when you are pregnant?Clinical pharmacists help you crack the problem of medication during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother and the fetus are connected into a whole through the placenta.Pregnant women are sick. Will taking medicine affect the normal development of the fetus?

The doctor said

At present, there are almost no drugs that are absolutely safe for embryos and fetuses. Doctors must weigh the treatment benefits and risks for pregnant women.Pregnant women do not have to be too nervous and refuse to use medication. It is recommended to understand the impact of drugs on the fetus through "pregnant women and breastfeeding women" in the drug manual.

Doctors answer common medication during pregnancy

Q: Pregnant women have a fever. Which antipyretic medicine is the safest?

Doctor: Continuous fever in pregnant women will damage the development of fetal brain nerves. Therefore, pregnant women should go to the hospital for treatment immediately after fever, and use antipyretics under the guidance of doctors.The oral antipyretic drugs commonly used by pregnant women are acetaminol. Please check the "pregnant women and breastfeeding women’s medication" in the drug instructions before taking the medicine to understand the impact of drugs on the fetus.

Q: Do "sugar" mother need to take medicine?

Doctor: The increase in blood sugar in pregnant women will have adverse effects on maternal and infants.If pregnant women diagnose diabetes, after diet therapy and exercise, insulin therapy is needed when blood sugar cannot be controlled or the original diabetic condition is aggravated.

There are many kinds of insulin. Pregnant women should inject under the guidance of the doctor, especially pay attention to checking the names, dosage and administration time.In addition, pregnant women should also measure blood sugar according to the requirements of the physician, and tell the doctor to adjust the amount of insulin when he finds abnormal blood sugar.

Q: Do pregnant women take medicine?

Doctor: After using diet and exercise therapy, the blood pressure of pregnant women cannot be reduced or the original hypertension is required.There are many types of blood pressure, not every kind of lower blood pressure drug is suitable for pregnant women.Pregnant women must adhere to oral blood pressure drugs under the guidance of the doctor and measure blood pressure every day.When you find abnormal blood pressure, tell the doctor to adjust the amount of blood pressure reduction.

Q: Can pregnant women still take medicine after asthma?

Doctor: It is very important for pregnant women to control the condition of asthma through the medicine, otherwise it will cause fetal hypoxia.Under the guidance of the doctor, the asthma pregnant women choose to take inhalation and administration, and use the inhaled medicine correctly under the guidance of the pharmacist, insist on taking the medicine, and keep the asthma well control.

Q: Can pregnant women take prevent needles?

Doctor: According to the drug activity prevention needle, it can be divided into 4 types, inactivated bacteria or viruses, virus vaccines, toxins, and live vaccines.If pregnant women need to be vaccinated, it is best to get pregnant 3 months after injections.

Q: Pregnant women’s skin itching, what can you apply ointment?

Doctor: There are many reasons for itching of pregnant women, such as itching urticaria of pregnancy and itching of cholecoscopic stasis during pregnancy.It is recommended to take the stove Ganshi washing agent, clearing heat, removing dampness and itching and relieving itching and itching.If the effect is not good, take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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