Can’t use skin care products during pregnancy?What to do if you become ugly, this is a must -see cheat for pregnancy

The moment the mother is great, the moment she becomes a expectant mother, it is very happy, but it also means responsibility and maturity.Pregnancy causes changes in hormone levels in the body of pregnant women, affecting the skin’s water storage ability and the integrity of sebum membranes. Therefore, women are more likely to encounter problems such as dry skin and sensitivity than usual.I believe this is the trouble of many expectant mothers.During pregnancy, hormones in the body of pregnant mothers begin to change, and appropriate skin care maintenance can play a preventive role.Otherwise, chloasma is prone to appear after pregnancy, and melasma is very difficult to remove.In my opinion, if you do n’t maintain it during pregnancy, you will definitely become ugly, so in order to do n’t become ugly, we still have to understand what is the safe and effective skin care products that pregnant mothers should use.

Many people dare not use cosmetics because they are afraid of any factors that cause harm to the upcoming baby, and potential risks are not good.But the mothers during pregnancy are afraid of giving up themselves because of pregnancy. After all, skin care becomes a career of their life.However, skin care products, makeup products, etc. are composed of "chemical composition", which can not help but worry.However, expectant mothers do not need to be too nervous. Some products can also be used after pregnancy. As long as you pay attention to some precautions during pregnancy, you can avoid using the "Thunder Area" as a beautiful expectant mother.

1. During the early pregnancy, that is, within the first three months of pregnancy, it is the sensitive period of fetal development. The fetus is the most unstable. During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to using skin care products.Try to choose high -quality skin care products that do not contain flavors, alcohol, pigment, no additives or less additives.

2. Do not use stimulating beauty products such as whitening, freckle removal, hair removal, and cleaning liquids such as oily emulsion, froster, frosted and alcoholic ingredients to clean the skin. If allergies occur, it will be unfavorable to the fetus.

3. If unnecessary, try not to turn on makeup, because most of the makeup products will contain lead.Lead is a heavy metal that is toxic. During pregnancy, the fetus can be harmful through the placenta. Long -term use will have a certain impact on pregnant women and fetuses.The lipstick and lip gloss used for lips are even more unsafe. Pregnant women accidentally eat lip gloss or lipstick, so avoid use.When you need makeup in special circumstances, it is also best to use a relatively safe high -quality makeup brand, and remove makeup as soon as possible after returning home to avoid chemical composition for too long on the skin.

4. Pregnant women should pay special attention to sun protection. The skin melanin during pregnancy is already active. The skin of pregnant mothers is particularly sensitive to light. Therefore, sunscreen must be sunscreen regardless of home or out.Choose sunscreen products to choose a product of physical sunscreen titanium dioxide. Such products usually do not cause skin allergies, high safety, and good effects.The SPF value should not be too high, SPF15 generally does not feel greasy.

5. Prevent stretch marks.The formation of stretch marks is formed as long as the impact of hormones during pregnancy, and abdominal swelling causes the skin’s elastic fiber and collagen fiber to damage or break or break.Skin care products such as apple seed extract and olive oil are reportedly protected by stretch marks.


A acid has always been associated with "disable pregnant women".Oral vitamin A acid can teratogenic, which is a drug that is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding.The use of A acid is a high -risk behavior during pregnancy and must be prohibited.

Because A acid is too powerful, it is not used for skin care, but is added to the prescription medicine.Skin care products can only be added with vitamin alcohol, and its efficiency is less than one -thirty of vitamin A.The experiment found that the vitamin A active object can indeed enter the blood through the skin, but the amount of entry is really too small. Even if you apply it every day with your face and hand, the daily absorption is not reached to the US FDA recommendation amount.One -tenth, so the dose of vitamin A in the skin care products is very safe.

Vitanol is often added to various night creams. Although I think it is safe, I respect some expectant mothers to give up its decision. After all, it is no exaggeration to be cautious for the baby.

For this kind of mothers, as long as the formula contains retinol, retinytalty, and retinol XXX ester, please detour.

Salicylic acid

Salmonic acid is a world -renowned analgesic medicine. It is familiar with the close relatives, named aspirin.

If expectant mothers use aspirin for a long time, especially after 32 weeks of pregnancy, aspirin will affect the hemostasis of the mother and fetus during childbirth.(Because aspirin has anticoagulant function, as the saying goes to prevent blood solidification)

High -content salicylic acid may be used in chemical skin rejuvenation. Moms at the expectant mother pay attention:

Academic advice with medicine, do not use skin care products with salicylic acid for a long time during pregnancy (moderate use of moderate use), especially massage cream containing salicylic acid, and salicylic acid skin care.

Perm and hair dyeing supplies

A research institution of Finnish Medical Birth Institutions, counting the three occupations of the three occupations from the three occupations from 1990 to 2004, a hairstyle (10622), a beautiful makeup artist (2490) and a teacher (18594).There are different.Statistical data found that birth weight, premature birth, less than fetal age (SGA), perinatal death in the hairstyle and beauty artist, should be significantly higher than that of the teacher group.In the group of pregnant women in the makeup artist, the mortality rate of the child (SGA) and the perinatal period also increased.The conclusion of this study is that the work of the hairstyle and the makeup artist may have an impact on the growth of the fetus. Among them, the operator’s working environment (standing for a long time, noisy environment, etc.) also increases the risk of premature death and perinatal death.

If it is not necessary, expectant mothers should not dye hair or perm.


It is rumored that pregnant women cannot use perfume because perfume contains phthalate.There are also related studies in the academic community. Professor Dr. Sharp, who worked at the Institute of Human Maternity Sciences in the UK a few years ago, published a paper. Since the Institute of Human Bigmary Science was funded by the British Official Medical Research Committee, this article is very affectedforce.He found that there was a universal component in perfume -phthalate, inhibiting the reproductive organs of male mice.However, it should be noted that the concentration of phthalate used in the experiment is much higher than the perfumes you might smell or the concentration of perfume on the skin.Therefore, even if your newborn baby will not be affected, for safety, expectant mothers are best to avoid perfume.(Painting Voice: No need to use perfume, it will not affect the skin.)


At the same time, expectant mothers are also prohibited in nails that are popular among the beauty groups.A series of products used in nails may usually contain phthalates, formaldehyde, etc. (yes, formaldehyde is allowed to be added in nail polish, of course, it is also limited).We have talked about the harmfulness of phenytate, and formaldehyde is the indoor pollution item that needs to be investigated after renovation, which may cause cancer.Since the products used in nails contain these two possible harm, what are the reason for expectant mothers to use?

Pregnancy is a big thing.For daily skin care and makeup, you need to pay a little attention, but you don’t have to be too nervous.It is also important to maintain daily daily health and joy.It is not advisable to taboo instruments, because the use of a certain product is uneasy and anxiety affects the mood, but the harm to the baby may be greater; do not do any skin care for the safety of skin care. As a result, the skin cannot be recovered after the skin becomes different.Unhealthy things.What do you think about whether you use skin care products during pregnancy?

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