Can’t you notice it as soon as you are pregnant?In fact, you can feel the subtle changes in a week, and wish you a good pregnancy

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You can drink and stay up late when you are not pregnant, but once you find that you are pregnant, you will become particularly nervous, for fear that your baby will be affected by alcohol.

This is the same, there are such friends around me. I was still taking weight loss pills the day before, and I found that I was pregnant the next day.Then I started to worry about endless worries. Will there be problems with children’s IQ?Will it be incomplete?If you want to get rid of it, you are a little bit reluctant. It is really a dilemma.

The reason is that the pregnant woman’s perception of her pregnancy is not obvious.

Pregnancy does not have a response from the beginning of fertilization, but a relative process.Similar to the tadpole to find a mother, step by step from the fertilized egg split-implant the body-body secretion hormone.This process will last a week. After that, some pregnancy reactions will slowly occur, and most pregnant mothers will feel at this time.

Normally, the body is healthier, or a woman who is pregnant for the first time will feel a little later.For example, the neighbors on the 5th floor were small. Her first child was full for one month before she reacted to get pregnant. The second child was noticed in less than a week.

Of course, this is also related to personal constitution, but the symptoms of early pregnancy, everyone is inseparable.

1. Nausea

No matter what taste, such as the smell of oil fume, the taste of a certain dish, the smell of perfume, and even the taste of cooking eggs, women in the early stages of pregnancy may feel nauseous.

I do n’t like the taste that I usually like, and the taste that I do n’t like. At this time, it smells good, which shows that the body has begun to change.

2. fatigue

In the early stages of pregnancy, it was more fatigue. Maybe I didn’t move much a day, and I felt tired.There will be no closet during the day, always thinking about sitting down to rest or rest for a while.This is the secretion of progesterone that leads to hypnosis. In addition, for the safety of the fetus in the early days, pregnant mothers should also reduce activities.

3. chest pain

Sometimes women’s breasts can obviously feel swelling and uncomfortable. Why is this?Because the hormone level is improved, the breast ducts of the breasts begin to be congested, so that the chest will become larger and harder, and sometimes even a tingling sensation.

4. Abdominal spasm

At this moment, the lower abdomen is the small belly, which will swell when it feels.Sometimes I feel a little pain in the small belly, and it still feels like a fake dysmenorrhea. The difference is that there is always something in the abdomen to turn around.

5. frequent urine

At this stage, some pregnant mothers are particularly unable to urinate. I may have just had a sip of water, and they can’t help but go to the toilet.Compared with usual, the number of toilets is significantly increased. This is because the bladder is stimulated by the uterus. This phenomenon will gradually improve in the middle of pregnancy.

6. Symptoms similar to sickness

If dizziness, headache, symptoms like colds, and feelings of uncomfortable stomach, go to the doctor in time, do not take medicine first.Be sure to judge whether you are pregnant to avoid irreparable consequences.Many people are pregnant and unclear, causing their children to get rid of their children.

In fact, if there are the above changes, there is a probability that there will be a baby.At this time, you must prepare psychological preparations, do not take medicine easily or irritating food.

1. Pay attention to rest

The first is to maintain a good physical condition. For early pregnancy mothers who love fatigue, resting is a top priority. Do not have a miscarriage because you do n’t have a good rest.The second is to remember not to do the same room, because the contraction will cause abortion in the same room.

2. Far away from the dangerous environment

At this time, the fetus is not very stable. Pregnant women should be far away from places where chemistry, radiation, and harmful gases should be kept, such as reducing computer use and related drugs to avoid infant development.Maintain a healthy and comfortable mood at any time to promote the growth of the fetus.

3. Follow your doctor’s advice and maintain a good eating habits

At this time, the pregnant mother must have a taboo, do not smoke, drink, drink coffee, etc. Many habits are closely related to the development of the fetus.

Furthermore, if there is a discomfort, you must go to the doctor first. Do not take the medicine immediately, because some symptoms are accompanied by pregnancy and it is not a big deal.

Pregnancy is a tense and happy thing. The pregnant mother needs to slowly understand these delicate changes and wish you a good pregnancy ~

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