Can’t you raise a cat when you are pregnant?As long as these 7 points are done, cat raising is definitely not a problem ~

I believe there are many friends who have to send the cats away.Cats can only be forced to separate from the beloved owner ~ All the disgust comes from the unknown!It is necessary to break the negative impression of common cats now!I hope everyone can understand that raising cats is definitely not a bad thing!

Cats are most often opposed by elders. There are 4 problems!

” 1 Cat raising can cause allergies?

Cat hair is easy to be misunderstood. It is the culprit that causes allergies. Those who prefer cats often point their finger to cats.There is no test of allergens, but it cannot be determined whether it is caused by cat hair.In Taiwan, the causes of severe allergies are mainly dust mites and dust.Allergens of up to 90.2%are due to dust mites.Some medical studies have found that the American Academy of Pediatric Medicine has mentioned that pet -raising will help increase the resistance and immunity of the baby, reduce the reaction of allergies, and can adapt to allergens.Cats are not necessarily the cause of allergies. However, once allergies occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a fast -to -allergic screen to determine whether the cat hair is allergens.

” 2 Cats are overcast and will be shame?

Usually, in the concept of the older generation, the customs that have been circulated before have affected their views on cats!In fact, in ancient times, black cats had the effect of exorcising evil spirits and avoiding murder. They used to have a town evil effect. Because the appearance of black cats and black dogs seemed to be fierce, they could calm down those bad things.Evil and dark things were pulled up, and it was passed down for a long time, and unknowingly became the representative of "not auspicious"!

” 3 Will cats get sick?

The diseases that are usually transmitted to people are cat ringworm, bowwus, cat rabies, cats, heat, etc. are mostly caused by mold and bacterial infection. Before the cat raising, the owner of the cat knows that cats must be used to take vaccines and examinations.Maintaining environmental sanitation is also a very important thing. Then remember that cats should avoid water and meat, otherwise it is easy to have the problem of poisoning and parasitic breeding.Basic care is done well. In fact, the chance of cat infection is not high.

” 4 Gowing insects will be transmitted to pregnant women, causing miscarriage?

Many families will oppose pregnant mothers to raise cats, fearing that cats will cause their mother abortion.Most people are parasitic bow bowls on cats to be transmitted to pregnant women and cause miscarriage, but in fact, the probability of such parasites to be transmitted to people is very low, because the pathway of the bowls of bowls is: 1. Contact the original cat of the original catSeeds 2. Raw meat contaminated with insect eggs 3. Conducts soil with insect egg pollution.Most of the cats today are completely indoor cats. The chance of infection from soil to bowls is very small. As long as humans are washing hands and avoiding raw meat or lettuce, human beings may be very small.

You can still raise cats when you are pregnant!You need to pay attention to the following 7 points:

★ Avoid going out of the cat, regularly apply deworming medicine and prevent needle.

★ Strengthen environmental sanitation and disinfection, make good use of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

★ After contacting cats for cats and touching cats, wash hands.

★ Avoid letting cats eat raw food and water to avoid parasitic parasites.

★ In the first half of pregnancy, do the bow and insects for yourself and the cat in advance to avoid your family worried.

★ Cleaning cat litter after pregnancy, you can ask your family to work, or wear gloves when you clean up.

Pets are also family members!No matter what difficulties you encounter, don’t send them away easily!

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