Can’t you use skin care products after pregnancy?

Girls have always been high in their skin requirements. What can blow bombs and break the skin, and the skin wins snow, and it is even more efforted with skin care.Once you become pregnant and become a prospective mother, you must give up your beauty pain. Can’t you use skin care products?

Of course not, even if you are pregnant, you can still use skin care products from girls to mothers. Beauty and motherly love can be both.

However, pregnant mothers still need to pay attention to the choice of skin care products.

Formal skin care products are relatively safe. Formal manufacturers need to comply with cosmetics hygiene specifications. The products must not be added to add heavy metals, antibiotics, glucocorticoids, and high concentrations of keratin, and so on.

In addition to choosing regular products, expectant mothers should not want to pick a special role of whitening, acne, and anti -wrinkle in the past, because if the effect of anti -wrinkle and whitening, vitamin A acid will often be added to the product, although the Japanese light is aging and aging and the Japanese lightThe effect of acne is good, but it may cause teratogenic, which is dangerous for the fetus.So once you are pregnant, you cannot use it.

What skin care products can pregnant mothers use?

Moisturizing wool, vaselin, vitamin E, vitamin C, can be used with confidence, such ingredients are safe.

Common misunderstandings of skin care products:

Some women are particularly preferred to use plant extraction of natural skin care products.In fact, such products have hidden dangers.

The use of extraction methods to treat plant raw materials means that low purity and more impurities contained.There are many impurities, and the possibility of allergies is high, so it is not recommended.

Some people believe that plant natural skin care products do not contain chemicals are safer, and only buy such natural skin care products after pregnancy.In fact, if there is no chemical additive at all, skin care products are easy to mold.Therefore, skin care products that do not contain pigments, spices, and prone to allergies are more honest merchants.

For pregnant women, try not to choose complex skin care products, and try to choose a product with a single ingredient. Not only is it safe for mothers and babies, it can also reduce the possibility of allergies brought about by diversity of ingredients.

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