Cardigan washing agent is not a universal medicine. These 4 cases must not be used

The price of furnaces is cheap and is not a prescription medicine, so many people will always prepare stove Ganshi washing agents.In addition, the cork is still very safe. The World Health Organization has included stovenium washing agents in the basic medication catalog of children. It is recommended to be a safety drug for infants and young children.It is cheap and easy to use. Many people are called "universal medicine".

However, stove -Ganshi washing agent is by no means "universal".If you can’t figure out these points, you will only turn the "magic medicine" "bad medicine"!

What ingredients do menanite washing agent contain

The ingredients of cork glyphosate are mainly composed of glycrystone, zinc oxide, and glycerin. The ingredients are very simple.The combination of various ingredients makes the stove -Ganshi washing agent have good effects of anti -inflammatory, heat dissipation, hygroscopic, itching, convergence, and protection.At the same time, it can also reduce the risk of patients’ allergies to drug composition, which is a commonly used skin use washing agent.

Channan is a ore drug, which mainly contains natural zinc carbonate that is insoluble. It can partially absorb wound secretions and has a convergence and protection effect.

Zinc oxide has the functions of anti -inflammatory, dryness, adsorption, protection and weak convergence; glycerin can play a strong moisture absorption effect.

How to use it

1. Allergic dermatitis

Indications: urticaria, eczema, mosquito bites (dual response of rationalization, allergies), etc.

Function: Cardite washing agent can effectively relieve itching, and can also resist inflammation, swelling, and isolation allergens.

2. Physicism dermatitis

Indications: sweat infiltration, mosquito bite bites, bedsores, pediatric diaper dermatitis, neonatal hip red and so on.

Function: Cardigen washing agent can absorb hygroscopic, heat dissipation, swelling, convergence, and anticorrosive protection.

3. Bacterial dermatitis

Indications: pus, pus, dysentery, underarm odor, perianitis, skin wrinkles infection, etc.

Function: Use a compound stove -stowa washing agent with antibiotics. The antibacterial effect is good, and the rash faster.

4. Viid dermatitis

Indications: chickenpox, rubella, hand, and mouth disease, shingles, etc.

Role: The application of glyphosate washing agents on the basis of antiviral drugs can reduce exudation and promote scabs and cure.

5, fungal dermatitis

Indications: ringworm, body ringworm, etc.

Function: Apply a stove -glyphosite washing agent to suppress fungi.

It is worth noting that although the above -mentioned skin diseases can be treated and relieved by cloakstone washing agents, glyphosite washing agents can be more physical protection.When the condition is severe or continues to deteriorate, be sure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Don’t use these 4 cases

1. These parts cannot be used

Special parts: eyes, oral, nasal mucosa, anal mucosa, etc.

The convergence of glyphosate washing agents will make the mucous membrane dry and dehydrated, so the stove -glycone washing agent cannot be used at the eyes and mucosa.

2. These skin status cannot be used

Special parts: skin with damage and exudate liquid

For the skin that is ulcerated or exuded, and apply a layer of glyphosate to the stones, it is not conducive to the drying of the skin surface, it will also bring irritation and make people feel pain.

3. People with allergies to these ingredients

The main components of glyphosate washing agent: glycrystone, zinc oxide and glycerin

If there are people who are allergic to the main ingredients of cork Ganshi, or those who are allergic to allergies, they should be cautious.

4. Discords after medication

Symptoms of discomfort: Burning sensation, redness and swelling occur with the medication site

If the rash or local skin is red after using a cooker, you should wash it off immediately.

These are not remembered

1. Can I use calamine washing agent to treat acne?

The inflammation of acne is inside the hair follicles, and the glyphosate washing agent can only stay on the surface of the skin, so it is not effective for acne.Moreover, the powder in the gambling stone washing agent is insoluble in water, which is easy to block pores and increase acne.

2. Do you want to clean it after the glyphosite washing agent evaporates?

After the glyphosite washing agent evaporates, the skin will have a gray -white powder thin film, which has the effect of converging the skin. Generally, there is no need to clean it.

3. Can women in pregnancy or lactation be used?

Generally speaking, the ingredients of cork Ganshi washing agent are simple. As long as the pharmaceutical composition is not allergic, it can be used safely.If women are breastfeeding, pay attention to avoid breasts.However, some compound furnace glyphosate has an artificial musk with external use of external use, and pregnant women are disabled.

Source: Pharmacy

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