Cardiovascular experts personally provide daily scientific control pressure guide

Hypertension is the most common chronic disease and is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.At present, the overall situation of hypertension in my country is still severe.According to the latest survey data, the prevalence of high blood pressure over 18 years old in my country is 27.5%, and the overall patient has a population of 245 million.With the deepening of aging society, the prevalence of the prevalence has generally increased year by year.And in life, many people have insufficient understanding of high blood pressure, and they often know half -knowledge, resulting in poor prevention and control effects.On the occasion of the World Hypertension Day on May 17, Hou Aijie, deputy dean of the People’s Hospital of Liaoning Province and chief physician of the Cardiovascular Disease Therapy Center, personally provides a guide for scientific control pressure to help you settle down blood pressure steadily.

A reminder:

One excessive hypertension causes attention

Hypertension with no discomfort is more dangerous

Recently, Ms. Liu, 62, is being renovated at home. She is greedy and black every day. She has an irregular sleep and diet. She measures her blood pressure after dizziness and finds that she has increased.After a brief rest, blood pressure gradually returned to stability.After repeated many times, Ms. Liu was worried and accompanied by her family to go to the hospital.Hou Aijie said that this situation of Ms. Liu has certain representativeness."In fact, this is likely to be a situation when the hypertension is initially occurred. Because when the patients with hypertension begin to get onset, the blood pressure is not high in 24 hours a day, it may just increase the blood pressure in a certain period of time, such as early morning. After this time, after this time.Even if the blood pressure does not take medicine, it will gradually decrease. Over time and the course of the disease, the patient’s blood pressure increases and the value of the increase will gradually rise. At this timeWhen the above situation appears, people need to attract people’s attention.First of all, to remove the inducement: pay attention to rest, improve sleep, combine work and rest, and adjust emotions.Secondly, you need to monitor blood pressure daily, and go to the hospital to find a specialist for diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

In addition, some people have increased blood pressure, but their bodies have no discomfort, and they often discover during the physical examination.This is because everyone’s tolerance for hypertension is different, and individual feelings are very different, but the damage to the human body is certainly determined, and because the body does not have an unwell response, it is equivalent to no early warning.The mechanism is easier to be ignored, leading to a problem with the body.Therefore, the judgment of hypertension cannot be measured by symptoms alone, and it is necessary to measure it. Regularly monitoring blood pressure can help early detection of blood pressure abnormalities.It is recommended that people over the age of 35 measure blood pressure at least once a year. If the blood pressure is normal and high value, more frequent monitoring is needed.

B Suggestion:

Anti -voltage treatment standards are the last word of hardness

Different ages’ antihypertensive targets need to be personalized

There are rumors on the Internet that people’s systolic blood pressure is normal than age +100. Is this really true?Hou Aijie said that this statement was not correct.For example, a 60 -year -old patient, as long as the above statement does not exceed 160mmHg, this blood pressure value is actually particularly unsatisfactory.The current standard of diagnosis of hypertension in my country is still: three times on the same day, the blood pressure is ≥140/90mmHg on the same day, and can be diagnosed as hypertension.Of course, blood pressure is lower than 140/90mmHg even normal.If the blood pressure level is 130-139/85-89mmHg, it is a normal high-value population."In December last year, some experts suggested that high blood pressure (that is, blood pressure exceeding 130/80mmHg can be diagnosed as hypertension) according to the US high blood pressure). In fact, although the value of hypertension diagnosis is different, the connotation still tends to tend to tendIn the same way. Specifically, if the patient can tolerate it, the enhanced blood pressure control (<130/80mmHg) can bring greater clinical benefits to patients than the standard blood pressure control (<140/90mmHg). "Therefore, during the antihypertensive treatment, the lowering standard is the last word.

It should be noted that people of different ages and different constitutions also need to be personalized.The target value of general hypertension patients is controlled below 140/90mmHg. If it can be tolerated, it is controlled below 130/80mmHg.Elderly people aged 65 to 79 should first reduce blood pressure to <140/90mmHg; if they can tolerate, they can be reduced to <130/80mmHg, and the blood pressure of the elderly in the age of 80 should be dropped to <150/90mmHg.Tolerance can be reduced to <140/90mmHg, and it is necessary to avoid too low diastolic pressure (<70mmHg)."According to the requirements of numerical values, it can be seen that the target value of blood pressure control is slightly different. Elderly patients with hypertension, especially coexistence of multiple diseases or individuals accompanied by weakness.It should not be <130mmHg. "Hou Aijie reminded.

C trick:

It is necessary to diagnose the regularity of hypertension.

Actively improving lifestyle is essential

The greatest benefit of hypertension treatment comes from the reduction of blood pressure, that is, the antihypertensive standard.If the simple lifestyle intervention cannot achieve the antihypertensive standard, or the hypertension has a clear complication, drug intervention is required.Drugs are an important means to achieve a reduction in the standards. Patients with hypertension must take the proper medication and take medicine regularly.It should be noted that drug treatment is important, but the improvement of lifestyle is also essential.A healthy lifestyle is an effective treatment method for any patients with hypertension (including normal and high value) at any time.The main measures include:

1. Diet.Reduce sodium salt intake, and the daily sodium ingestion does not exceed 6 grams, increasing potassium salt intake.Reduce excessive intake of processing food, fried foods, high -calorie foods, and carbonated beverages.To quit smoking, avoid alcoholism, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, coarse grains, soy products, and eat more unsaturated fatty acids (fish, vegetable oil, etc.).

2. Control weight.There are two commonly used indicators to evaluate whether the weight exceeds the standard, weight index (BMI) and waist circumference.Weight index (BMI) = weight/height 2 (㎏/㎡), BMI is normal weight between 18-23.9, BMI ≥ 24㎏/㎡ is ultra-weight, BMI ≥ 28㎏/㎡ is obesity.Adult male waist circumference should be ≤90 cm, and women’s waist circumference should ≤ 80 cm, which is considered as abdominal obesity than this range.

3. Proper physical exercise.Patients with hypertension can choose one or more exercises that are suitable for them according to their physical condition and exercise ability.Such as walking, running, swimming, climbing stairs, climbing, riding, skiing, playing, dancing, etc.Exercise helps reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids, while improving cardiopulmonary function, relaxation, and sleeping.The movement of patients with hypertension is mainly aerobic movement, and does not advocate high intensity, severe, and long -term exercise.In addition, the sports are expensive and persistent, and persistent, not fishing for three days, two days of drying the net.

4. Adjust bad emotions.Improve sleep, reduce mental stress, and maintain psychological balance.Improve anxiety, irritability, irritability, sadness, and excessive thoughts. There is a good sleep and peaceful mentality that is very helpful for the ideal control of blood pressure.Shenyang Evening News, Shen Bao all media reporter Wang Yuzhe

Source: Shenyang Evening News

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