Caring for men’s health: What can I do if I always feel itching?

Recently, the sky is hot and hot in Beijing. The news shows that Beijing will continue to be high -temperature and stuffy from August 2. This kind of weather will become the normal state of the recent weather in Beijing.

As soon as the weather was hot, the outside walked around, and the pants pockets were sweaty. Maybe some friends felt itchy lower body.


Physiological factors

For example, some friends do not pay attention to their personal hygiene, and the quilts or underwear are not often washed, which may also cause itching.

Daily life:

Eliminate the disease factors, pay attention to personal hygiene, and often change to clean clothes, don’t worry too much.


Scrotum eczema

If itching is often itching, it may be caused by scrotal eczema. This disease will be displayed on the skin of the eggs. The main symptoms are itching, swelling, pimples, etc.caused.

Friends can identify themselves at home according to the symptoms. Specifically, they have to go to the hospital for some laboratory examinations and finally diagnose.

Daily life:

In daily life, you can eat light diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and bean foods, do not drink, eat less spicy food.Frequent sweating is also one of the causes. We must develop good hygiene habits and pay more attention to local hygiene.Avoid scratching, no matter how itchy, you can’t catch it, and treat it according to the doctor’s advice.



The itching below may also be caused by balanitis. Balanitis, as the name suggests, is inflammation of the balan mucosa. For example, balanitis may occur in infection, trauma, and skin diseases.Inflammation.

Daily life:

The diet can be based on clearing heat and dampness, such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, yam, winter melon, etc. Patients should change the panties, ensure the cleanliness of the lower body, and the environment of the environment should be opened to ventilate to ensure the freshness of the air.Do not scratch to prevent serious local skin lesions. If you can’t help it, you can lightly pat it with your hands.

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