Case: I am acidic in the second trimester, what should I do?Does it affect the fetus on the fetus?

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Author: Wang Bojun Ningbo University Medical College Affiliated Hospital Chief Physician

Case of illness

Patients have been pregnant for more than seven months. They have been reflective in acid since the second trimester. When they are not pregnant, they have chronic bile reflux gastritis, but there are no symptoms of acid.I have seen a digestive physician once in the second trimester. The doctor said that he could only take Da Xing, saying that this medicine does not have much effect on the baby.Therefore, after eating for a while, Dazhi is at most that you eat two slices before going to bed every night. It does not exceed two tablets a day, otherwise it will not be used to sleep.

Excuse me: Will it affect the growth and development of the baby for such a long time?


You are pregnancy, and the acid reflux in the middle of pregnancy is obvious. Considering: gastric canal reflux disease.

Gastric esophageal reflux, including: gastric esophageal reflux, reflux esophagitis

The main reason is that the sphincter of the esophagus is loose, so that the gastric acid reflux into the esophagus; the abnormal movement of the esophagus and body motion to remove the gastric acid time is prolonged; other mechanical factors outside the esophagus, such as the esophageal hole hernia, the delay of gastric emptying, etc.wait.

Anti -current esophagitis is a gastric acid reflux causing esophageal pipe, causing esophageal damage and erosion; while gastric esophageal reflux and esophageal have no damage, it is a symptom of discomfort caused by gastric acid to esophageal stimulation.The main manifestations are acid reflux and heartburn, and the esophagus is discomfort.

In the past, you were bile reflux gastritis, which began to reflect acid in the middle of pregnancy. This is mainly because the human hormone changes after pregnancy, which is related to the lack of sphincter in the esophagus.Your condition is more clear, that is, the gastroesophageal reflux disease, the symptoms of acid reflux may increase as the fetus grows.However, the simple gastroesophageal reflux is still reflux esophagitis. It is difficult to judge according to the symptoms. You must be determined by gastroscopy, but you are now pregnant. There is no need to perform gastroscopy.Damage to the esophagus.

However, the key to the problem is that during the pregnancy stage, many drugs may have an impact on the fetus, or many drugs have not done experiments on the fetus, and there is no experience in human use.

At 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is the most sensitive period for drugs, and it is "highly sensitive period of deformed".8 to 11 weeks of pregnancy is also an important period for formation of fetal organs. It is mainly for the formation of fingers, toes and other parts, but the effect of the drug on the fetus has not been a few weeks before.After the 12th week, the impact of drugs on the fetus was significantly reduced, and of course it still has a certain impact.

You start to reflect acid in the second trimester, and the third week of pregnancy starts in the 13th week, so the effect of drugs on the fetus is relatively small, and of course it will still have some impact.

During pregnancy, medication is divided into five levels of ABCDX in the US FDA grading standards. A does not have any effects, but there is very little medicine in this area. The B -level animal experiments have no effect, but there is no sufficient research on pregnant women.You can consider it carefully when you use the medicine.

Daxi is a magnesium carbonate tablet, which is an aluminum -magnesium preparation. It is a heavy metal. Although Da Xi is rarely absorbed and only in the gastric acid to protect the gastric mucosa in the stomach, there will still be a small amount of absorption. If it takes a long time orallyIt may have some impact on the fetus.Da Xi belongs to B -level drugs and can be used with caution.The pharmacokinetics research shows that the blood concentration of aluminum after taking this product is within the normal range, but in order to minimize the exposure of the fetal aluminum, pregnant women can only be used in the short term.

You have a small amount of dosage, up to two tablets a day, and only after 13 weeks of pregnancy, so it is estimated that it has little effect on the fetus.

If you grow up with the fetus, you are more acidic and Da Xi cannot control the symptoms, I recommend: Esomeprazole tablets (postcards) 20mg before half an hour before breakfast orally.Animal experiments did not show that Escemerazole had a direct or indirect damage effect on embryo or fetal development. The US FDA classification standard was B.

You have to try to adjust your diet and change your lifestyle. This can reduce gastroesophageal reflux, which is the basis for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is very important.

1) Avoid the following foods, which can reduce the reflux of the stomach and esophagus

High -fat food, sour and sweet food, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, raw garlic and onion, chocolate, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

2) Change lifestyle to reduce the symptoms of reflux

Eating is full of full, soup water should drink less; there must be 30 minutes of activity time after meals, do not do bending; do not eat 3 hours before bedtime; at least 15cm of bedside, note that it is to raise the bedside bed.The feet make the bed plate high at the bedside and tilt at 15 degrees; control the weight to avoid obesity.

Absolutely prohibited to eat 3 hours before going to bed!

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