Cat’s pregnancy

From the day of mating pregnancy, the pregnancy period of the female cat is 63 to 66 days.For more than two months, what changes will cats have, and what does the owner need to do during this time?

1. Cat’s performance

The female cat is about three weeks of pregnancy, and the color of the nipples will be a little more powdery than before.Some female cats will be pregnant.After four weeks of pregnancy, the breasts began to increase, the hair around the nipples gradually fell off, and the nipples began to protrude.After that, the belly increased significantly.Cats who are pregnant will become better and sleep longer.Sometimes fake pregnancy also causes these changes in the cat’s body. At this time, you need to check to determine whether the cat is pregnant.

Second, pregnancy examination

After the cat matches 30D, it can evaluate whether the cat is pregnant by ultrasound.Compared with ultrasound, the X -ray examination can more accurately evaluate the number of fetus (more than 40d pregnancy, the better the later).X -ray examination can confirm whether the fetus dies can be confirmed through the gas agglomeration or abnormal bone arrangement in the placenta, but the fetal activity cannot be known.Combined with ultrasound and X -ray examination, the results of the pregnancy test can be more accurate.

Third, diet management

Starting from the fourth week of pregnancy, the adult diet has gradually transformed into a diet formula during pregnancy and a lactation period (usually marked as full -price nutrition or suitable for development, full -price nutrition during pregnancy, and lactation during gestational)., Then continue to feed off weaning.The use of nutritional additives is not encouraged, because these nutritional additives will destroy the nutritional balance of commercial foods.

Many cat owners think that they have to feed a lot of energy from the beginning of pregnancy, but this excessive feeding often leads to an increase in fat deposition, and such cats are easy to produce.

Four and exercise

The entire pregnancy should adhere to proper exercise, which is not only conducive to its own health, but also for the development of the fetus and subsequent delivery.In the late pregnancy, cats may not like exercise. You can use small snacks or teasing cat sticks to move it. Be careful not to let the sporting range too large.If the cat is still jumping up and down, as if not pregnant, it is best to limit its scope of activity to avoid accidents.

5. Bath

Some owners may get used to taking a bath for cats once a month, but it is not recommended to take a bath during pregnancy: on the one hand, it may cause cats to stimulate; on the other hand, if the cat does not cooperate with an accident during the bathing process, it may lose money.

6. Vaccine

During the pregnancy, the female cat just happened to be vaccinated. It is not recommended to vaccinate cats.When the pregnancy is over, consider vaccination with the mother cat after weaning.

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