Cecilia Cheung was rumored to have 4 babies: Her life was left only with children?


A few days ago, Cecilia Cheung lived, and netizens with sharp eyes found that her abdomen was bulging.

Comparison of photos behind and three years ago, it is more obvious.

For a while, the rumors of the fourth child walked across.

Some people say she is a fertility machine.

Someone scolded her as a lunatic.

In the past ten years, Cecilia Cheung’s image is indeed not as good as one year.

Shooting bad movies, variety shows, hype, a good mother set up, the three -child father’s mysteries even pulled her "crazy" to the height.

Her public image has become "a ridiculous woman who has a blind child."

Twenty years ago, Cecilia Cheung was a generation of goddesses.

Liu Piaopiao in the King of Comedy.

The acting skills are naturally skilled, and you can’t see the traces of a newcomer.

The most classic one.

Yin Tianqiu shouted to Liu Piaopiao’s back:

"I raise you!"

Liu Piaopiao looked back with the cigarette, "Take care of yourself first! Fool!"

The behavior is rude, but the eyes are clear.

She is a prostitute, but the style is not dusty.Being in the place of dirt, there is light in his eyes, and his smile is affectionate.

People said that Cecilia Cheung played Liu Piaopiao.

That year, she was nineteen years old.

During the movie promotion, the company labeled her as "the head of the jade girl."

Her beauty does not add any modification.

With a smile, youth is rippling.

It is worthy of the phrase "The water comes out of the hibiscus, and it is naturally carved."

Twenty years have passed, from the jade girl to the "crazy girl", all of them have traces.


Cecilia Cheung was born in a chaotic family.

My father mixed underworld is a gambler.Mother is a mixed -race of China and France, and loves her boyfriend.

The whole home looks like a big chicken cage.

Poverty and messy.

She has a sister and two younger brothers.

Four sisters and brothers, watching the show every day, watching their parents quarrel.

At first, I was worried about it, and it was often used for time.

Deforming families breed the outlook of deformity.

By the age of nine, parents divorced.

Cecilia Cheung and their brothers clapped their hands and applauded without any sadness.

She and her mother later lived in Australia.

Zhang Mu is also an unreliable person.

When I am old, my mind is not long, I never know how to be a mother.

Cecilia Cheung was forced to take care of his younger brother.

Restaurant, restaurant, karaoke, from waiter to maids.

She rolled in the well in the market, and the money she earned was used to raise her brother.

Gradually, take care of people as the goal of life.

At the age of thirteen, he made a volunteer: to be a nurse.

However, under the blessing of beauty and talent, she is destined to embark on a different path.

After graduating from high school, Cecilia Cheung returned to Hong Kong.

By chance, a advertisement was sent.

In the camera, she smiled softly, like the spring breeze.

lead to uproar.

Zhou Xingchi asked her to interview.

I thought it was a pure girl.

Give her a pen and ask, "Will you smoke?"

Cecilia Cheung pushed away, picked up the real smoke and smoked.

Without timidity, I was stupid to see Zhou Xingchi.

Later, he said that Cecilia Cheung was "no genius in a hundred years."

When he first debuted, Cecilia Cheung and Zhu Yongshang of "The Dangerous" were dragged.

Zhu Yongshang was deeply trapped in love.

"Sunshine Lemon Tea" advertisement is Zhu Yonglong’s handwriting.

After "The King of Comedy", Cecilia Cheung fire.

It didn’t take long for her to make trouble with the Zhu family.

The termination of the contract, breaking up.

The lawsuit has been hit for several years, and the city is full of storms.

Many years later, Zhu Yongshang broke the news that the Cecilia Cheung family was a vampire.

Take her as a "human flesh withdrawal machine", "even come to the door in the middle of the night for me to ask for money!"

Sigh for a while.

After the termination of the contract, Cecilia Cheung found a new backing -Xiang’s couple.

Since then, he has entered the heyday of his career.


2004 is the most beautiful year of Cecilia Cheung.

The two films were shortlisted for the Golden Awards, and finally sealed it with "Can’t Forget".

At that time, she was twenty -four years old.

She is regarded as the successor of Lin Qingxia and Maggie Cheung.

Countless starlights are on her, and their names and Li swarming.

Of course, there are gossip scandals.

Every time you shoot a headline, you have a headline.

Inside the circle, outside the circle.

Cecilia Cheung is not tired, and treats men as a talk.

She went to "Kangxi is here".

Don’t wait for the host to ask, my CUE scandal.

Chen Xiaochun?Just help him push the oil.

Nicholas Tse?Don’t say true or false, first sell Guanzi.

Who else?Chen Guanxi.

Friendship is above, but it is not a type of favorite.

If you are a few treasures, review each relationship once again.

When it comes to love, she is not longing for nor or desire.

As if a hollow person.

It is normal to think that men split.

"A man who is not an affair is an idiot."

He also said that men’s loss is their loss.

Every time I leave, I find that I am good.

Adventure, "Men are cheap."

Seemingly chic, but ruthless.

She always wrapped herself and was unwilling to open her arms.

So no one had walked into her heart.

If you are not tempted, you are not sad.

If you don’t desire, you will not be disappointed.

She hangs marriage and various conditions.




Like the product, carefully consider.

Finally selected Nicholas Tse.

In 2006, Nicholas Tse filmed "Wing Chun", and Cecilia Cheung went to the class.

He joked with her.

"You have three moves, I will marry you."

So Cecilia Cheung was crazy, rushed forward, punched and kicked.

The two played out of the field from the set.

He said, "At that moment, I think only she would be with me when I died."

A few months later, Nicholas Tse proposed in the Philippines.

On the left is the sunset on the left and the fireworks and sunset on the right.

A pair of lover stood in the center and made a promise of a lifetime.

Later, they went through many storms.

"Yanmen Photo" shocked at home and abroad, and Nicholas Tse always stood beside her.

Cecilia Cheung scolded Chen Guanxi’s crying mouse, "The deepest thing to hurt me is him."

Speaking of Nicholas Tse, "I can’t find such a good husband everywhere."

Five -year marriage, if Cecilia Cheung does not love Nicholas Tse at all, it is not.

At least the moment she decided to marry him, she must have been at ease.

But how much is this love, how many fakes; how many yourself, how many each other.

Only she knows.

On April 17, 2011, Nicholas Tse won the film emperor.

When receiving the prize, he said, "Thank me, you are particularly beautiful tonight."

Cecilia Cheung cried on the stage and spent her makeup.

This is the last time they show love.

On May 8, Cecilia Cheung met Edison Chen on the plane.

Take a photo with him.

Later, the photos were exposed, and the two were in a crisis of divorce.

Who is right and wrong, quarrel for several months.

Cecilia Cheung premeditated, and there were all kinds of Xie Tingfeng.

Regardless of home.

Just like playing games.

My brother Zhang Haolong was angry for her, "This man is no longer worth loving."

Nicholas Tse did not say a word.

In August of the same year, the two announced their divorce.


After that, Cecilia Cheung came back.

The scenery is not as good as before.

Cooperate with Xiao Shenyang "Hedong Lion Roar 2", Douban 3.3 points.

The filming of "Girls in Yangmen" was criticized by Zheng Peipei.

"The attitude of work is not good, shame our Hong Kong actors."

She has a big family.

Parent’s room, brother’s car.

When he was going, he found the former Dongjia Xiang Tai.

Xiang Tai introduced her to "3D God of God" to play Nezha.

A few months later, she kicked her out of the crew.

"Never cooperate."

Xiang Huaqiang said that he received a complaint phone number every day.

"The attitude of poor work in the past has intensified."

Xiang Tai also broke the news, saying that Cecilia Cheung and Andy Lau filmed "Big Gao".

Andy Lau hangs Weiya on it, she calls to buy bags below.

Andy Lau also said that this incident also said that there was no name.

Seeing that the benevolent went away, his acting declined.

Cecilia Cheung had to enter the variety circle.

In 2016, she participated in the 11th variety show.

But the reality show did not turn her over.

Instead, accelerate the rollover.

Netizens found that Cecilia Cheung lies in a row.

He said he didn’t sleep for three months.

It is surpassing the limits of the human body.

Never eat meat.

In fact, you have breakfast on Weibo.

The meat slices are still well recognized.

The most classic is "Everyday Up".

It is said that the two sons’ breakfast was made by himself.

Big Zhang Wei is more true, "What dish do you like?"

After the poverty chase, he said a word.

The eldest son eats rice, and the younger son eats burgers.

Instantly, the entire network laughed.


Lie Jing.

The former goddess dragged the altar.

In fact, this is her true face.

However, she used to hide behind the big screen and cover up her character with a character.

Talent and beauty are tulle covering her.

After being unveiled, it is shallow and ignorant, and it is the blogger’s eyeballs.

Remember the "King of Comedy" that year.

Liu Piaopiao’s classic picture of crying in the car.

The infection is amazing.

In 2018, she performed "If, Love".

A crying scene, mourning for a long time, did not squeeze half a drop of tears.

Netizens shouted that Liu Piaopiao couldn’t come back.

Cecilia Cheung, who faded from the aura, suddenly.


Cecilia Cheung is 42 years old this year.

She once said that she would only do two things in her life: acting and mother.

There is only one left now.

In 2018, she gave birth to a third child.

The child’s biological father is a mystery.

Now it is rumored to be four babies.

She has always been a pathological obsession with her children.

I once said, "I like children before I want to get married."

It doesn’t matter if your husband’s affair is, "the child is left to me."

Cai Kangyong was surprised, "It means he is a pig?"

Cecilia Cheung nodded.

But this obsession is deformity.

She was lacking in love since she was a child.Like a drowning person wandering in the sea, grabbing a floating wood and crawling up.

Her floating wood was her parents and younger brother.She takes care of them unconditionally and gets meaningful from it.

Later, there were two sons.

But when the child grows up, he will have his own life after all.

She was left.

Unwilling to be lonely, the only way is to regenerate in a lifetime.

As for the child’s mental growth, it was never her first.

Just like 2017, the eldest son Lucas’s birthday.

She lives all the way.

Afterwards, the media focused on topics such as "Nicholas Tse not attended" and "Cecilia Cheung Hate Faye Wong".

Cecilia Cheung said nothing.

Pull the son to record a video.

Let him repeat the answer: "Is it true blessing? Isn’t it?"

The son only helplessly cooperate.

Is it crazy?Still making a show?unknown.

But how innocent children were placed on the table.

Throughout his life, Cecilia Cheung was lucky.Beautiful and well -fame.

Unfortunately, the color is inner.She does not have a well -known virtue, cognition, and wisdom.So, became famous early, but did not know gratitude and did not understand.

There is no disaster in virtue.

When her luck consumes light, her dilemma continues.Later, his face was old, and Rong Guang did not re -exist.

Over the years, she has eaten old books, consumes children, and shows everywhere.

It can be absurd and ridiculous.

Like a big puffer fish, he was stabbing and fierce, and he was ridiculed and questioned everywhere.

Her bonus was finished, and the patience of the fans was finished.

After the beautiful appearance broke, the crushed lies in the left place and a empty soul.

The most regrettable is that it is not "she can’t", but she is "able to".


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