Cervical cyst and its treatment method

Everyone may be unfamiliar with cervicitis. Knowing it is one of the common gynecological diseases of women, but maybe everyone may not be clear about cervical cysts. In fact, cervical cysts are a common kind of cervical disease, and it is one of chronic cervicitis.If you have cervical cysts, the same impact on women’s lives like cervical erosion will still have a greater impact on women’s lives, and severe will even affect pregnancy.In order to relieve women’s fear of cervical cysts, today we will talk about the topic of "cervical cysts and their treatment methods" together.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cervical cysts are mainly caused by qi and blood deficiency and damp -heat stagnation. Generally, it is difficult to play with drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine have accumulated many unique secret recipes. It is recommended that you use effective traditional Chinese medicine red and white peony and red.Flowers, Tao Ren, Ziyunying, Fresh Laul, Fieinye, Xianmao, Xianling spleen, Cistanita, Loser Cao Cao, Silko, Lutong, raw barley, red vine, mature land, triangular, triangular, etc.The efficacy is exact. These traditional Chinese medicines cooperate with strongly toxic and toxic substances that can not automatically discharge the uterus, congestion, congestion, residual, residue, virus, and bacteria that can be strongly eliminated and necrotic.Old old shedding cells and congestion, removing toxic substances remaining in the endometrium and vaginal residues, removing the source of fungal virus infection, and completely cleaning and environmentally friendly in women’s reproductive organs, and have a very unique treatment effect on cervical cysts.

For relatively smaller cervical gland cysts, generally do not need to be treated, as long as they are checked each year; for densely smaller Naiti cysts or relatively large cysts, they can consider physical therapy, laser, microwave, self -condensed knife and other physical therapy;For larger protruding on the surface of the cervix, consider electric knife resection.None of the above treatment methods are too painful, and basically will not affect daily work and life.However, it is important to emphasize that since the cervical cyst is a manifestation of a red alert -abnormal vaginal hemorrhagic chronic cervicitis, it is necessary to be clear that chronic cervicitis is very closely related to cervical cancer.Under the stimulation of long -term inflammation, a small number of patients with chronic cervicitis have a tendency to change bad changes, so they still need to pay close attention.Therefore, patients with cervical cysts do cervical coating every year, except for cervical cancer and early cancer.In terms of treatment, the principle of combining drugs and physical therapy should be combined.While choosing high -efficiency drugs to anti -inflammatory, use gynecological physical therapy such as: gynecological micro

There are several specific treatment methods:

1. Opinboltic therapy: Opin bolt is also known as α-interferon embolism (because its main component is α-interferon).

Usage: 2-3 days after the patient’s menstruation is clean, take the upper position before going to bed, and place an Opin bolt with a pushing device into the posterior vaginal dome, once the next day, 6 times for a course of treatment. After the menstrual menstruation is clean next time2-3 days review.A course of sharing 1-3.During the medication, it is forbidden.The total rate of 95.3%.It has the characteristics of convenient use and small side effects.

2. Drug corrosion: Wash the surface of the cervix, protect the vaginal dome and the vaginal wall with a dry gauze, dip the cotton stick to take 10%-20%silver or chromate solution, apply it to the erosion surface, and then use physiological physiology.Repeated saline.5-7 days after menstruation is cleaned, silver nitrate is used 1-2 times for each medicine, and 2-4 times is a course of treatment.Potassium chromate is medicine once a month.These two medicines have a strong corrosion effect and must be used in the hospital.

3. Physics and smelting therapy: It is considered to be a good treatment at present, suitable for patients with medium and severe cervical erosion.Methods include electric ironing, freezing, laser, etc.The doctor is selected according to the degree of erosion and area and the general situation of the patient.The wound healing requires 4-8 weeks. Pay attention to keeping the vulva after surgery.

4. LeeP knife and coagulation knife radio frequency ablation: The erosion surface is relatively wide, and it has not healed for a long time. You can choose this method, healing at one time, small trauma during surgery, and no scar after surgery. It is currently the most advanced method.

Method choice: Because cervical erosion is closely related to the occurrence of cervical cancer, people with cervical erosion should be actively treated.

Examination: It is mainly based on gynecological examination specialty, and can also be used to prevent cancer production of cancer -prevention production with the help of vagoscopic examinations. Cervical biopsy if necessary.

Tips: The above is the topic of "cervical cysts and their treatment methods" we shared today. By sharing the specific treatment methods of cervical cysts and cervical cysts, we hope to help the majority of girls.In fact, ordinary gynecological diseases are caused by poor living habits and unclean sexual life.Xiaobian hopes that through today’s sharing, they can help the girls and attract everyone’s attention. For their own health, be a private and clean person!

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