Cervical erosion is not a disease, but cervical cancer cannot be ignored!5 strategies to prevent it

Cervical erosion is confirmed that it is scary, thinking that it is suffering from serious serious illnesses. In fact, cervical erosion is a normal physiological phenomenon.Cervical erosion can lead to cervical cancer, which is also unscientific.So what is cervical erosion?How to properly prevent cervical cancer?Let’s hear what the experts say.

Hearing cervical erosion can make people feel a little scared. In the past, people also had some wrong understanding of the cervix. Now, it is clearly stated in medicine that cervical erosion is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not take it as a "disease disease."" ".Professor Kang Jiali, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, pointed out that cervical erosion is a common chronic cervical inflammation. Most of them are caused by the contact friction of cervix during sexual intercourse, causing infection of germs.

Clinically, cervical erosion is also divided into light, medium, and 3 degrees.Many women’s sexual life is premature and cervical damage during sexual intercourse, which is vulnerable to bacterial virus infection, and even chemical stimulation can cause cervical erosion.However, in general, cervical erosion does not affect normal life and does not need to be treated. Only moderate and severe cervical erosion requires local medication or physical therapy. Professor Kang Jiali also reminds everyone that oral anti -inflammatory drugs are treated with cervical erosion in the treatment of cervical erosion.Can’t play any role.

In the past, many people thought that cervical erosion was a precursor to cervical cancer on cancer, but in fact the two did not have a direct relationship.Normally want to prevent cervical cancer, you need to achieve the following 5 points.

1. Pay attention to hygiene.Female friends should pay attention to the hygiene of menstruation and sexual life, and it is not recommended to start sexual life too early.In particular, it is important to avoid sexual life, and fixed partners are also important, reducing the risk of infection with high -risk HPV.

2. Take contraception measures.Women should know how to protect themselves. In sexual life, they should use condoms, which can not only prevent accidental pregnancy, but also reduce or avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Health and healthy lifestyle.Stay up late, do not smoke or drink, exercise more, develop good eating habits.

4, regular cervical screening.Doctors suggest that women should do cervical screening regularly, including conventional gynecological examinations and cervical cytology.Conditioners can do inspections every 1-3 years. Even if a cervical examination is performed every 10 years, the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer can be greatly reduced.

5. Cocumes HPV preventive vaccine.Although vaccination does not mean that cervical cancer will not occur, 70%of cervical cancer can be prevented.

Early cervical cancer usually does not have any symptoms. In the middle and advanced cervical cancer, there are many secretions, leucorrhea, and contact bleeding.The development of cervical cancer is relatively slow.Under normal circumstances, from infection with HPV to discovering cervical cancer, it may grow for more than ten years. As long as cervical cancer is found during this period, early treatment is found.Therefore, it is important to prevent cervical cancer.

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