Chatting Dream (28) Dream Elephant’s usual symbolic significance (5)

Dream is a film and television drama that a person is self -directed and appreciated by himself.Dream is the expression of the dreamer himself, and the expression of the cognitive state of the dreamer. It is the dreamer that the dreamer has projected his psychological state on the screen.The content of dreams is colorful, sometimes even strange.Dream comes with camouflage. We need to know it. We need to understand a bit of dream interpretation.

We have previously talked about the symbolic significance of dreaming of some characters, animals, body organs.Today we will talk about the symbolic meaning of some buildings or nature.

1. Bridge

It symbolizes connection, connection, channel, direction, etc.It can be extended to the opposite side of the shore, from this place to the other land, represent changes in anything in life, the age of age (such as the transition from childhood to adolescence); sometimes it also means; Sometimes it also represents male genitals, which can make men and women connect together.

2. Ship

It symbolizes wealth, travel, romance, isolation, danger, frustration, disappointment, etc.Different ships have different symbols. Sailing is related to wealth and romance, but if the sailing boat drifted on the windless water surface, it symbolizes no vitality or is about to die.The mechanical power boat symbolizes the sense of control, strength, and competitiveness.A leaf -leaf boat symbolizes confusion, drifting, helplessness, anxiety, etc.Ship ship symbolizes fear, weakness, weakness, etc.


It symbolizes the path of life.Different roads have different symbolic significance. Two roads indicate the choice of two choices; the crossroads indicate hesitation, multiple choices, triangular love, anxiety, etc.The wide avenue generally indicates that the obstacle is eliminated and the matter is smooth; the muddy path indicates that the difficulties in life and work have a lot of trouble.Some people often have a dream of getting lost, and they can’t find a way out or home in their dreams, indicating that they have lost themselves in life, and they are an expression of anxiety.

Fourth, river

River water symbolizes vitality, freedom, nourishing, women (mother) and so on.The river is a bit like the symbol of roads. It is navigation, transportation, transportation, etc. It also represents the course of life (the river of life). Sometimes it also represents the dividing line (Chu River and Han borders). Sometimes it also represents the passage of emotions and the dividing line of life.The smoothness, blocked, abundant and dryness of the river have different symbolic significance.

5. Station

The station is the place to get on and off the car. It is a representative place for traffic hubs. It symbolizes the new journey and also symbolizes sexual behavior.Someone dreamed that after rushing to the station, the car had started, and looking at the far away car had a loss of frustration, which meant that it lost some opportunity.It is also dreamed that the sadness of losing sadness on the platform or not receiving friends, which means that what is doing in real life is not falling.

Six, desert

It symbolizes vast, monotonous, unintentional, unknown, curiosity, inquiry, etc.Can associate with virgins (virgin land), marriage, pregnancy, etc.Walking in the desert is the lameness in the subconscious driving you to explore in strange fields and look forward to a breakthrough.If you see green states, wet sand, spring water, etc. in the desert, mostly young people dream of young people, which represents strong vitality. There are many hope and possibilities in life, and even miracles can happen.The possibility of yellow sand without water and green, mostly dreams of people older people, suggesting that youth disappears, and vitality gradually exhausted.

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