Chen Qiaoen drank a big mouth to deny pregnancy. At the age of 44, he did not have a baby.

Chen Qiaoen drank a big mouth to deny pregnancy. At the age of 44, he did not have a baby.

Recently, Chen Qiaoen showed a picture of going out and shopping with her husband, revealing that Allen was exhausted because he was accompanying himself, sitting on the sofa to massage his neck and shoulders, but he did not feel that he wanted to continue shopping. The husband and wife looked sweet.Attracted the attention of many netizens.

But what is worth noting is Chen Qiaoen’s stomach. I don’t know if it is because of the blessing or pregnancy. Her abdomen is prominent, and she is also wearing pregnant women’s clothes and flat shoes., The good things are approaching.

After all, Chen Qiaoen is now 44 years old. The older the older age, the less likely to ask for a child. Although she and Allen are not in a hurry, netizens are very anxious, and they are urgent to hope that the couple can have a cute baby and become a happy three.Home.

However, Chen Qiaoen quickly denied the news of pregnancy in her own way. She updated her dynamics on March 14, showing a picture of drinking with her husband Allen, but the pregnant woman or pregnancy could not drink.Obviously Chen Qiaoen was not pregnant.

It is worth mentioning that it didn’t take long after her update, and some netizens showed up the picture of Chen Qiaoen on the streets of Thailand. At that time, she appeared in a marty restaurant in casual clothes and was enjoying food with her husband.

Moreover, on the left hand side of Chen Qiaoen, beer is still placed. The cup has been drunk halfway in the cup. Her face has been rounded up.Don’t worry about giving birth to a baby, otherwise the two will definitely quit alcohol.

Speaking of which, in fact, Chen Qiaoen had responded to pregnancy. She said that she was rumored to have been rumored to be just because she was fat. It was not important to be pregnant in her eyes. The important thing was to be happy.

It can be seen that Chen Qiaoen may not pay attention to the baby, and does not regard it as a task. If you happen to be lucky, you are lucky.

After getting married, in order to get along with her husband, Chen Qiaoen also suspended his career and accompanied him to travel with him. Allen was the same. The couple started a global trip together.Essence

Don’t look at the couple, there seems to be nothing. I have been traveling outside for more than two months without going to work. It seems very leisurely. In fact, Allen also has "work" in the process of traveling worldwide.

Allen was born in a rich second -generation Malaysia. Although he has not inherited his family business, he already has a company under his name. He usually uses video function to meet with large and small transactions. After the work is over, he will accompany Chen Qiaoen to eat and play.

Leaving aside the money of the two themselves, they did not say that they also got a certain income when they participated in the love comprehensive. Chen Qiaoen and Allen met each other in the show.

The couple can be said to have made money through this show, but also found lovers. There must be sufficient money for the two to travel nationwide. Such a fulfilling and happy life is really enviable.

Here I also wish Chen Qiaoen and Allen. I hope that the couple’s feelings for a long time, white -headed old age, and showing a lot of love pictures to share their lives and look forward to good news.

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