Chengdu’s beautiful pregnant woman was violently violently domestic and the intestines were broken. They had to hang up dung bags for a lifetime, and they were almost killed.

It’s a pity that her husband does not know how to cherish, but she was beaten to death. She was almost killed. She was dying, and she was broken.Opening a mouth on her belly, she is young and beautiful, and she needs to hang dung bags for life.

Miss Xie in Chengdu, Sichuan, is free to fall in love with her husband Ou. At the beginning, they are particularly sweet and happy like all lovers in love. They say that men in love are particularly good at disguise, and Ou Mou is no exception.In order to chase the beautiful Miss Xie, he made his whole body, his mouth was like wiping honey, and the romantic love words were set one after another, coaxing Miss Xie’s heart.It didn’t take long for his pursuit, and the two confirmed the relationship between men and women.

Ou Mou not only has a sweet mouth, speaks sweet words, but also cares about people. He keeps warm to his girlfriend every day and cooks soup and cooks. This makes Miss Xie feel very happy and feel that he is really married to the person.lifelong.

Soon after getting married, Miss Xie became pregnant. At this time, her husband also revealed the true face of Lushan. He changed the gentle and considerate of the past, and became fierce and frequently used a family violence to the pregnant wife., To beating, she regrets a little regret to marry him, but now she has raw rice to cook mature rice, and she has no turning arrows when she opened her bow. She was pregnant with his child. For the child in the belly, she had to endure her husband’s poison., To be full.

In just a few months of pregnancy, Miss Xie had been violently violently by her husband’s family, and every time she started, she wanted to divorce, but her husband did not agree with her life.Before the husband’s care and love, Ms. Xie felt that she could save her life.

As can be seen from the figure below, Miss Xie’s chest tattoo, blood stains, and the wounds on the head of the head are shocking. The old injury is not good, and the new injuries come again.The small life is difficult to protect, maybe the child is killed one day, and the child can’t hold it, so she is determined to divorce anyway, and go to the court to submit a divorce and an applicant protection order.

Knowing that his wife wanted to divorce, Ou Mou was frustrated and angry. He found his wife aggressively and forcibly dragged her to a hotel regardless of her resistance.Turning to the wall, he scolded fiercely: I asked you to divorce, I asked you to run … even if you killed you, I would not agree to divorce.Essence

The poor Miss Xie was died. She tried to call for help several times, but she was dragged back by her husband. From the middle of the night to the morning, someone began to walk around the corridor. Some waiters were outside.The door rushed out, but her husband dragged her back to the room.A kind guest in the hotel happened to pass here. Seeing this scene, she helped her report to the police, and warned Oumou not to beat his wife anymore. He had already called the police.Let him quickly send her to the hospital.

The crime was discovered, and he was afraid of being troubled by the police. Ou Mou had to drive to take his wife to the hospital with reluctance, but on the road, he kept delaying time.I didn’t arrive in the hospital in the afternoon.

After looking at her injuries, the doctor was stunned. Oh my god, there are such brutal husband who beat the pregnant wife in this way. The pulse stops and it feels unable to save it.If 20 minutes later, people will be gone. In addition to the external skin scars, Miss Xie’s five internal organs will also be hurt. The most serious is that the duodenal intestines are broken.I opened a mouth on my stomach and hung a dung bag. I learned that I was young at a young age. I was only in my twenties. I had to hang this kind of dignified and decent dung bag for a lifetime., Miss Xie couldn’t help crying.

Some netizens said: This melon woman should choose to stay away for the first time.There will be later, and your forgiveness will only make him worse.

Some say: To be honest, I have no sympathy for women who have no resistance and divorce for the first time.If you live in a place where information is blocked, you dare not divorce.Otherwise, your domestic violence should leave for the first time.Don’t say anything cowardly and afraid of feelings.

Some say: Poor people must have hate. For the first time, they should leave when they were beaten. She was reluctant to leave, did not be beaten enough, and was not sympathetic at all.

It is said that the husband and wife are hundreds of days a day, and I do n’t know why someone will take this poisonous hand to the pillow. It can only be said that Miss Xie’s mind is too confused, the mind is not awake, and there is no ability to think independently and the ability to solve problems.Beautiful, better than life.

It ’s really unfortunate, and it’ s so angry that it ’s so many times. It’ s so many times that I can endure it, and I can bear it for so long. It ’s too cowardly.In this case, you should immediately call the police for help, or run with your ID card.

At the same time, it also shows that her legal awareness is too weak. She has not reported to the police for help for so many times. The first time she was beaten, she should decisively prosecute to divorce. Blind weakness is the harm to herself, that is, to condon the evil deeds of the other party.

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