Chinese medicine cannot be eaten casually, you must know these taboos

Traditional Chinese medicine is a collective name of Chinese medicine. The treatment of drugs based on traditional Chinese medicine theory in China. It is generally believed that the toxic and side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are very small.On the other hand, Chinese medicine is not "harmless of human and animal".

Here are a few small taboos about traditional Chinese medicine. For those who want to use Chinese medicine to cure diseases and regulate the body, you should understand these.

1. Do not apply the right medicine is taboo

It is necessary to apply the right medicine. Many times, because some people blindly obey the blind believe in the so -called modern science western medicine, the adoption of derogatory attitude towards Chinese medicine believes that Chinese medicine cannot have scientific dialectics and data, and the right medicine cannot be performed.What pays attention to is the right medicine, and the disease is not cured by the disease.

Second, special periods, special constitutions cannot use Chinese medicine

It is generally believed that during pregnancy, physiological period, certain surgery or injury, some traditional Chinese medicines can cause physical discomfort or more diseases. In fact, this is also the category of the right medicine.Then the medicine stone has no spirit and increases the burden on the body.

3. Chinese medicine is a medicine, and it cannot be taken for a long time

Many people treat Chinese medicine as a supplement, not regarding it as a drug.It is a common sense of traditional Chinese medicine, and we must understand this.

Fourth, why can’t Chinese medicine be eaten casually

Now, traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular, because traditional Chinese medicine has great benefits to conditioning the body, and some difficulty in regulating can also be used to regulate and relieve traditional Chinese medicine, and there are few side effects. The most important thing is to cure the standard and the root cause.

but do you know?There are a lot of taboos to eat Chinese medicine. If you take it properly, it will hurt your body.

Many people seem to have many effects and functions in many people. Many times, some serious illnesses and small diseases will go to the pharmacy to grab some Chinese medicine to eat. However, if traditional Chinese medicine does not take it according to dialectical, the effect is counterproductive.

Among them, it is especially represented by some cold and bitter Chinese medicine. The above patients are due to the traditional Chinese medicine that takes bitter cold and cold.If you use excessive medication, it will lead to serious consequences, so "the medicine is three -point poison". Traditional Chinese medicine should take it under the guidance of the experienced physician, and it should be "stopped in Chinese disease".

In the end, after a period of hospitalization and conditioning, the symptoms of sweating have gradually improved. From a few sets of clothes a day, to a few sets, and finally 2-3 sets of clothes.Come to the outpatient clinic again, I don’t sweat much.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold Chinese medicine cannot drink for a long time, especially people with cold body.Personal constitution is different, and the medicinal properties of Chinese medicine are also different.If you use traditional Chinese medicine to keep healthy, pay attention to the cold and warm nature of the medicine, the bitterness of bitterness and salty, and the human constitution has the difference between yin deficiency and yang deficiency, and the disease is divided into fever and cold.The difference between winter.

Therefore, in order to properly apply traditional Chinese medicine health, you should have a comprehensive consideration, to choose medicines, and some are targeted.If you are physically physically influential, you should choose the medicine of nourishing yin and the same; those who are afraid of cold physique in yang deficiency should choose the material of warm -up of yang;EssenceReasonable medicine will be able to receive the expected results.

Wolfberry, fat sea, ginseng, licorice, etc. are all commonly used Chinese medicines. People will eat according to their own methods, but is it right?Is there a lot of amount to take?

5. Taboo for taking Chinese medicine



Wolfberry is sweet and flat, and has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, beneficial to savvy eyes, anti -aging. People with weak constitution and poor resistance can eat some wolfberry appropriately, but those who have spleen deficiency and diarrhea should not take them.People are better not to eat.

Safety dosage: 6-12 grams per day.



The chrysanthemums are spicy, sweet, bitter, slightly cold, and have the effects of sparse wind and heat, flat liver and eyesight, and detoxifying, but those with yang deficiency and body are not suitable for taking;Patients with deficiency, phlegm dampness, and blood stasis hypertension should not take chrysanthemums.

Safety dosage: 5-10 grams per day.



Golden and silver flowers are cold, not only can it be cleared, but also scatter the heat.However, because of its medicinal nature, it cannot be taken for a long time, especially those who have cold spleen, stomach cold, sores, or weak qi, and women who cannot take them during menstruation.

Safety dosage: 6-15 grams per day.


Chubby sea

The fat sea is sweet, cold, small toxic, has the effects of clearing the lungs and throat, moisturizing the intestines, and is suitable for the sound dumb caused by the wind and heat and evil poison.Those who have suddenly lost their voice and spleen deficiency should be used with caution.

Safety dosage: must not exceed 3 capsules each time.



Ginseng is flat, sweet, slightly bitter, and has the effects of replenishing vitality, replenishment of energy, replenishing the spleen and lungs, and improving immunity. People with physical deficiency should take it most, but those who are strong and strong for a long time can easily cause it to cause it.The mouth is dry, and even the nostrils are bleeding.Empirical, hot evidence, and righteousness.After taking ginseng, avoid eating radishes, drinking tea, and eating with grapes.

Safety dosage: 5-10 grams per day.



Cassia is a kind of Chinese medicine that everyone is familiar with. It is also a cold Chinese medicine. It has the effect of reducing blood lipids, blood pressure, and clearing the liver.But if you take it for a long time, you can cause diarrhea and irregular menstruation.Those with diarrhea, hypotension and pregnant women should be used more cautious.

Safety dosage: 9-15 grams per day.



Licorice is sweet and flat. It has the effects of nourishing the heart and spleen, moisturizing the lungs, expectorant and relieving cough, relieving pain relief, clearing heat and detoxifying, and reconciling the medicines. However, long -term use can cause edema and blood pressure to increase.Arrhythmia, muscle weakness, etc.Those who are full of wet swelling should not take it.

Safety dosage: 2-10 grams per day.

In addition, the daily Banlangen taken, the bitter cold of medicine, is a product of clearing heat and detoxifying, and has a better effect on people with strong constitution and easy to get angry.Otherwise, it will be caused by bitter cold and cold; most of the popular Chinese medicine preparations in the market, mostly containing drugs such as rhubarb, aloe vera, which are mostly cold and cold, and should not be taken for a long time. OtherwiseStone and other diseases.

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