Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is actually the "block" of women’s pregnancy?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the most common gynecological disease.When women are infected with pelvic inflammatory disease, lower abdomen pain often occurs. It can be accompanied by backache, frequent urination, urgency, leucorrhea increase and smell. In severe cases, symptoms such as high fever, cold war, headache, and loss of appetite.However, gynecologists reminded that some female pelvic inflammatory symptoms are not typical, and they may just have a slight backache and waist fall, so they do not take it seriously.There are also some women who mistake these back pain and doctrine think they are lumbar muscle strain.If the acute stage of pelvic inflammation is not treated in time and correctly, it may be delayed into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, which is more difficult to heal.The chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will affect the quality of life. In severe cases, fallopian tube adhesions and fallopian tube pus may occur, resulting in adverse consequences such as infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the "infertility killer" cannot be underestimated

Many friends who prepare for pregnancy tries their best, but they have failed repeatedly.Finally, the doctor was informed that chronic pelvic inflammation was in trouble.So, what is the "inflammation" of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?Why does it cause infertility?

What we need to understand is that pelvic inflammatory disease is divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, while chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is after acute pelvic inflammatory disease, causing changes in the reproductive tract and causing pregnancy difficulties.

The first is to destroy the endometrium.The endometrium is like soil. The soil is destroyed. The fertilized eggs cannot be in bed normally or in the early days of bed.

The second is to destroy the fallopian tube.The fallopian tube is like a highway. If the fallopian tube is not blocked, the eggs and fertilized eggs cannot be passed normally, which can also cause pregnancy difficulties.

The third is to cause pelvic adhesion.If the pelvic cavity of the ovary and fallopian tube caused serious adhesion, although the ovaries are excreted from the eggs, the fallopian tube cannot be obtained normally or the ovaries cannot be transported to the uterine cavity, and it will cause infertility.

How to take care of the pelvic cavity so that it can avoid pelvic harassment?The move is as follows:

1. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene during menstruation and vaginal hygiene.Do not pay attention to personal vaginal hygiene during menstruation. Using unclean sanitary napkins, menstrual sexual life, etc., it is prone to pelvic inflammatory disease.Usually, you should also do a good job of cleaning and sanitation, change the underwear diligently, and keep the private place clean and dry.Some women think that keeping the vagina clean is to wash the vagina more. In fact, this will destroy the balanced environment of the original flora in the vagina, which is more likely to lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.Many patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases such as fallopian tube accumulation have been seen clinically, and many of them have such bad habits.

2. Sexual life, pay attention to the cleaning before and after the house.Extinction is also the cause of pelvic inflammatory disease.If sex is too frequent, the local cleanliness is ignored before the intercourse. After repeated houses, they did not urinate or clean it in time, and even during menstrual sex, which will cause bacteria from the outside to vagina to destroy the balance of the normal flora in the vagina, resulting in the rapid growth of the germsAnd breeding, the germ is infected until the pelvic cavity and causes pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Contradicance measures should be taken to avoid repeated abortion when there is no family planning.Repeated abortion is also the cause of many young women suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease.The painless abortion reduces the pain of people’s flow and makes some women mistakenly think that the flow of people is not a big deal. Therefore, they are "recruited" in sexual life without taking contraceptive measures.There are also some women who think that there are many regular hospitals and troublesome examinations. They choose to perform abortion surgery in unconventional clinics, leading to adverse consequences such as genital inflammation.

4. Improve your own resistance.Women’s vagina itself has pathogenic bacteria. When you have a strong physique, these germs will not come out to "make trouble". Once the resistance decreases, the pathogenic bacteria will take advantage of the opportunity and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

5. Eat less spicy and cold food and keep your abdomen warm.Some iced foods may also cause pelvic congestion and induce pelvic inflammatory disease, especially during menstruation.In addition, when staying in the air -conditioned room for a long time in summer, pay attention to keep the lower abdomen keep warm to avoid coldness of the waist and abdomen.

6. Sitting long may also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.Many office women often sit in the office and maintain a long sitting position. Because of lack of activity, pelvic veins are blocked, and too much congestion will cause pelvic inflammation.It is recommended to get up and go around after sitting for a long time, and participate in some sports activities appropriately after get off work.

7. Women who often wear tight underwear or tight jeans will also become the object of pelvic inflammatory disease.Therefore, it is best to choose breathable cotton underwear, which should not be too tight.

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