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Recently, Professor Wang Zulong, Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, met with a couple in the outpatient clinic.

Mr. Liu and his lover have reached the year of standing. Seeing that friends and classmates around him have children, they have children, but they dare not get pregnant. After asking carefully, they know that their lover listened to the Internet and said, "Two years after taking emergency contraceptives, two years after eating emergency contraceptives for two years after taking emergency contraceptivesIf you ca n’t ask for a child, you have never dared to put your pregnancy plan on the agenda as soon as possible.

Is contraceptive really so terrible?

Women’s ovaries can secrete estrogen and progesterone, discharge eggs, and the eggs will wait for the arrival of sperm in the fallopian tube.When the eggs are dead, they can not meet the sperm, the endometrium will shrink, fall off the body, and become the menstruation we know.

Although the ovary has the function of ovulation, it is not to be arranged.It needs to receive "instructions" from the brain and pituitary, and this "instruction" is hormone.This complete and coordinated nerve endocrine system is also called the H-P-O shaft.Once there are sperm entering the uterus, they will also convey information with each other to stimulate the combination of eggs and sperm.

The emergence of contraceptives is like a "spy". It carries a confusing progesterone, destruction specifically in this combination, so that they cannot pass the information normally, causing the eggs to not discharge normally.

This "spy" is also divided into three types, long -term, short -term, urgent.Generally, long-term and short-term contraceptives will only do things in the H-P-O shaft combination.There are more emergency contraceptives:

① Inhibit ovulation ovulation and interfere with the normal function of the H-P-O shaft.

② The cervical mucus becomes thick, which is not conducive to sperm penetration;

③ Change the endometrium properties and fallopian tube function, which is not conducive to fertilized eggs.

Therefore, emergency contraceptives can only be used as a remedy for contraceptive failure and cannot be used as conventional contraceptives.

Short -acting contraceptive

Currently commonly used include various compound registered agents composed of progesterone such as pyrone, acetate nor acetate (nailing ketone), germidone, and amposone and amposone.

The method of taking can start from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle. Take one piece daily and take 21 days in a row. It can be contraceptive for 1 month and stop the medicine for 7 days. The next box will be taken on the 8th day of the drug.Once you find a missed service, you should add it once the next morning.(Note: For the specific method of taking the drug

Long -acting contraceptive

Compared to short -acting contraceptives.Different types of long -acting contraceptives have different durations of medicinal effects. Some drugs are used for one month, and some medicinal effects can last for 3 to 6 months.However, the estrogen content in long -term oral contraceptives is large, which is currently less used.

Emergency contraceptive

Most of them are the main doses of Zuo Nuo progesterone. The general use method is to take it within 72 hours after sex. If the total amount is two tablets, the interval period of the second medicine is 12 hours.If there are vomiting inside, you should take it once.It is recommended that the number of times a year should not be more than three times, and it should not be more than twice a month.

After taking contraceptives, it will affect ovulation, but usually ovulates normally after stopping the drug.And the main function of contraceptives is to block the "meeting" of eggs and sperm. Once you are pregnant and the combination of sperm and eggs, it exceeds the scope of emergency contraceptives, and the drug cannot continue to play a role, and can only gradually metabolize in the body.

The guidelines of the International Cooperation Group of the emergency contraceptive clearly stated that pregnant women who use emergency contraceptives (including Zuojinorine, Uliwan, and Mifei) should know that there is no evidence that there is no evidence that emergency contraception failure has failed in the failure of emergency contraception.It will have adverse effects on the fetus. Whether choosing to continue pregnancy or abortion, there is no need to make any measures on the impact of emergency contraceptives. "

It is generally recommended that women who take short -acting contraceptives can prepare pregnancy after the menstrual cycle is normal after stopping the medicine; and women who take long -acting or emergency contraceptives can consider pregnancy after half a year for eugenics.

Therefore, although it does not take two years to prepare for pregnancy after using contraceptives, "the medicine is three -point poison". Multiple use of contraceptive pills can cause menstrual cycle disorders and irregular ovulation; the main component in contraceptive pills willPeople become fat, and the progesterone composition in contraceptives has a weak androgens, which can promote the enhancement of metabolism in the body, increase weight, and so on.Therefore, it is recommended to take condoms for safety contraception in daily life.

Huazhong, graduate student of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2019

Instructor: Professor Wang Zulong, Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Research direction: Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of reproductive and male diseases

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